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Google Photos now surfacing ‘Best of Autumn 2022’ Memory collection

The latest AI-generated Memory flipbook appearing in Google Photos is the “Best of Autumn 2022” collection, which is rolling out right now.

Over the past 12 months, we’ve seen Google Photos increase the instances of custom Memories collections along the top “story” pane within the pre-installed gallery app. The result is more targeted personal content that is collated based upon the context of your photos and videos — such as location or a person/pet within any backed-up images and recordings.

This top carousel portion of the Google Photos application is home to all of these new collections, which can even feature collages and AI-generated short videos. Since early 2022, Google Photos has started to offer regular “Best of” selections that are grouped usually by yearly seasons. The latest season being surfaced is the “Best of Autumn 2022” collection, which should be visible when launching Google Photos on your devices.

As with all prior collections, what Photos chooses as your “Best of Autumn 2022” photos and videos may vary wildly. While I do not personally have a wealth of images taken during this time of year, I’m mainly seeing autumnal colors such as reds, oranges, browns, and more.

You might see regional variations depending upon where you live as the southern hemisphere is now heading into summer, while we are soon into winter here in the northern hemisphere. It’s also worth noting that Google is still heavily pushing Photo Books with each and every Memories image with the “Preview book” option in the bottom left of each fullscreen preview.

Often it’s hard to decipher just what criteria needs to be met for an image to make it into such a selection or how “Best of Autumn 2022” Memory collections are completely random based upon what photos you have taken. Like previous options, there is no real direct correlation beyond the time of year images have been uploaded or backed up to Google Photos.

That said, now might be the time to check Google Photos. If you do have the new collection, be sure to let us know down in the comments section below.

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