Popular YouTuber Jerry Rig Everything is back again, this time with the Google Pixel 8 Pro Thermometer teardown video. In this new video, the YouTuber reveals one of the most impressive features that the new Pro device from Google comes with. From this video, netizens get a clearer look at the thermometer that is available on this device for some technical analysis.

At the moment, there are limitations to the usage of this thermometer by owners of the device. These limitations affect the ability to use the thermometer to read human temperature. Due to its lack of the FDA’s clearance, usage of this feature will remain limited for quite a while.

There is no information on when users of the Google Pixel 8 Pro will get access to use this feature on humans. But in the meantime, there is a video that shows this thermometer out from its housing in the device. Jerry Rig Everything’s video on the Pixel 8 Pro teardown gives users a clearer view of this new sensor.

Details on the Google Pixel 8 Pro Thermometer as seen from its teardown

From the teardown video, it becomes clear that the Pixel 8 Pro Thermometer isn’t part of the camera module. This sensor exists on its own, separate from the camera module that holds three sensors. These are the 50MP main sensor, the 48MP ultra-wide sensor, and the 48MP telephoto sensor.

Two out of all three members of the rear camera module come with optical image stabilization, and Jerry points that out in this teardown video. Taking the rear camera off reveals the thermometer, which exists separately from the rear cameras. This is because opening up the Pixel 8 series is done from the screen, hence users access the rear cameras before the thermometer.

However, the thermometer sits closer to the rear panel than the rear camera sensors. Lying above the thermometer is the rear flashlight; both are part of the same component. The temperature sensor itself is a tiny part of the device, but its functions are very important.

At this time, users can’t access the full potential of this sensor due to the lack of FDA approval. In the coming months, the full potential of this thermometer might come to users. Until then, users are to stick to the features that this sensor currently permits.

Once this thermometer gets permission for usage on human skin, Google will unlock that feature. But for now, this feature remains locked and inaccessible to users of the Pixel 8 Pro device. In terms of repairability, taking the Pixel 8 Pro apart didn’t seem to be an issue for Jerry Rig Everything.

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