Some of you are probably familiar with the Qi2 wireless charging standard announced early this year. It’s the next step for universal wireless charging, and it seems like the Google Pixel 9 series will support Qi2.

Qi2 wireless charging standard is seemingly coming to the Google Pixel 9 series

The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) announced in a press release that the first Qi2 productions are “completing” certification testing as we speak. In other words, you can expect to see the very first Qi2 products in the market soon.

So, what’s so great about Qi2? Well, the ‘Magnetic Power Profile’. Qi2 will basically be MagSafe, but for all Android phones too, not just Apple devices. Apple actually collaborated with the WPC in order to make this happen.

Unfortunately, though, the charging speed will remain unchanged. We won’t get 50W wireless charging here, or anything of the sort. The charging speed will still be limited to 15W. The magnetic aspect will help line up the coils perfectly, though.

The Qi2 standard consists out of two profiles

WPC did note that the Qi2 standard actually consists of two profiles. The first one is the one we’ve mentioned, and the other one is the Extended Power Profile (WPP), which does not include magnets, but complies with the Qi2 standard.

In any case, what makes us think that the Pixel 9 series will get Qi2 support? Well, not only is it logical and expected, considering that Google will have plenty of time, but on top of that, Google’s Liyu Yang has joined the WPC as a board member this month.

Yang has actually been working on wireless charging tech for Pixel phones. That goes for both Pixel Stand models, and the use of Qi on the Pixel 6 Pro. So… yeah, it makes all the sense in the world, even though we did not get an official confirmation or anything of the sort. Considering that the Pixel 9 series is a long way off, we likely won’t get a confirmation that soon either.

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