Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) is set to introduce a novel way to shop for clothing, enhancing the visual search experience for users. The new feature, slated to roll out in the US this December, enables users to generate photorealistic images based on textual descriptions of desired clothing items.

Imagine searching for a “colorful, patterned puffer jacket” and not finding the perfect match through text alone. With the new SGE capability, users can click on a “Generate images” button, initiating the creation of visually accurate, generated images that align with their vision. Google emphasizes that a significant portion of apparel queries comprise five words or more, highlighting the need for a more nuanced and visual search experience.

Users can further customize their generated designs through text prompts, allowing for dynamic adjustments. For instance, a user can modify their search to find a “colorful metallic jacket instead of patterned.” Once satisfied with the generated images, users can scroll down to discover similar shoppable products, seamlessly bridging the gap between imagination and reality.

Building upon the image generation feature introduced last month and leveraging the vast data within its Shopping Graph containing 35 billion listings, Google aims to redefine how users interact with visual search for clothing items. The SGE clothing feature (via 9to5Google) promises an innovative and intuitive way to explore fashion preferences and discover relevant products.

Google SGE will also help you come up with gift ideas that make sense to the receiver

In addition to helping you choose clothes, Google’s SGE is expanding its horizons. Users searching for gift ideas will now encounter a diverse range of subcategories to explore. For instance, a search for “great gifts for home cooks” will yield a curated selection of specialty tools, artisanal ingredients, culinary subscriptions, and even experiences like cooking classes. The ability to fine-tune prompts, such as “great gifts for home cooks who love pasta,” adds a layer of specificity to the search experience.

Furthermore, the virtual try-on tool powered by generative AI has expanded to include men’s tops, broadening its scope after initially launching with women’s clothing in June. Users can now explore a variety of men’s tops from brands like Abercrombie, Banana Republic, JCrew, and Under Armour. With 40 models representing diverse characteristics, this tool facilitates a more confident decision-making process by showcasing clothing on real individuals with varying skin tones, body shapes, heights, and sizes.

Image credit: Google

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