Google has published a new promo video on YouTube, and in it, the company focuses on the Pixel 8 Pro design. The company is likely trying to remind users it launched one of the best smartphones this year ahead of the holidays.

A new Google Pixel 8 Pro promo video focuses on the phone’s design

The Google Pixel 8 Pro arrived at the beginning of last month, so it’s still fairly new. The holidays are right ahead of us, and we’ll likely get some nice discounts from Google. Not to mention that Black Friday is looming as well.

In any case, this promo video has a duration of 48 seconds, and it’s all about the phone’s design. You’ll see a number of really nice takes of the Pixel 8 Pro’s design in such a short video, ranging from renders to actual live shots.

All three colors are shown here, Bay, Obsidian, and Porcelain. The emphasis is obviously on the Bay and Porcelain models, though, while the Obsidian color option is barely shown here.

The Bay color is in focus here, and it received a lot of praise since launch

The Bay color in particular received a lot of praise and interest, as it does stand out from the rest. Still, as is the case every time, most people probably go for the black variant. We don’t have the data, but that’s the case with the vast majority of smartphone lineups.

We can attest that all three colors look really great, though. We did review the Bay Pixel 8 Pro, but we’ve handled all three models at launch. That Obsidian black is actually the black color every OEM should make. That matte black color not only looks great, but it hides fingerprints too.

The Pixel 8 Pro has a ton of AI features that are actually useful, and a truly compelling camera performance. It does feel like the most premium Pixel smartphone yet as well.

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