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Google TV’s biggest partner, TCL, is overtaking LG as the world’s second-largest TV brand

The biggest partner for Google TV, TCL, has reportedly surpassed LG as the largest TV brand (behind Samsung).

Business Korea reports, citing data from Omdia, that the TV market currently sees TCL as the second-place slot in terms of units sold. TCL makes up 11.7% of the market, where LG is behind at 11.69%. Currently, the difference is reportedly around 30,000 units.

But the trend is becoming clear at this point that TCL is taking LG’s spot.

In Q3 2022, LG dropped to fourth place in the competition for most TV units sold. Samsung held 19.6% of the market, with TCL and Hisense taking the second and third-place positions by units sold globally. In Q4, TCL made up 11.8% of units sold while Hisense made up 11.6%, and LG landed at an even 11%. And TCL landed in this spot during a time where TV shipments as a whole have been down year over year due to “shrinking demand.”

For the Google TV platform, this is certainly great news. TCL confirmed earlier this year that it is the single largest brand producing Google TV products. Hisense is also expected to be high on that list, with the brand having moved over from Android TV last year. Google TV as a platform continues to grow as well, with over 150 million active devices as of January, up 40 million year over year.

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