gpu drivers corrupted nvlddmkm.sys preventing computer from boot up


There are many ways you’ll be able to move about COMPLETLY uninstalling the Nvidia drivers and Gforce experince. I will proportion one of the best ways I’ve discovered. HOWEVER, MAKE SURE to get the most recent drivers from Nvidia FIRST … DONT run the motive force or NVIDA GeForce Revel in installer instrument .. till the previous drivers and softare are COMPLETLY long gone out of your machine ..

In MY enjoy one of the best ways to uninstall the drivers COMPELTLY is to Obtain and run a program referred to as DDU discovered on the following website >>> DDU Instrument

It’s HIGHLY RECOMENDED to be ran in protected mode. I PERSONALLY have used this instrument on my private machine more than one occasions in addition to different programs(even non Nvidia programs) with NO ILL EFFECTS ….there are directions at the following website >>> DDU information tips on how to move about downloading and operating the instrument … MAKE SURE you practice them PRECIESLY as suggested.

The instrument WILL additionally stroll you during the procedure .. of eliminating the drivers and related instrument.

As soon as that is carried out THEN run and reinstall motive force instrument.

Just right good fortune :)

*** NOTE ….. I AM NOT affiliated with this instrument by any means form or shape … I am suggesting it from MY OWN PERSONAL enjoy with the instrument and a equivalent studies like you’re having***