Best Buy has a great deal for its Black Friday sale on these noise cancellation true wireless earbuds from Jabra that are $80 off the normal price. The Elite 7 Pro true wireless earbuds are normally $199.99, but right now you can pick them up for $119.99. When you look at a pair of true wireless earbuds, you might be searching for a number of different things. Meaning you might want a pair that meets some specific requirements you have. Maybe you want them to have good battery life.

Or maybe you care less about battery life but they absolutely have to be comfortable and have good sound quality. The Elite 7 Pro from Jabra aim to meet those requirements. They have about 8 hours of use on a single charge which is pretty good. They aren’t the longest-lasting but they’re pretty high up there. And as long as you have the charging case with you that battery life gets extended. In particular, up to 30 hours. So three full uses at 8 hours each, and then another 6 hours on top of that.

Another really beneficial feature of the Elite 7 Pro is that they have multipoint connection support and a mono mode. The multipoint connection lets you connect these to two devices at the same time. Say you want these connected to your desktop or laptop and then to your phone as well. You can connect them both and then swap between devices when necessary. As for mono mode, this lets you use the earbuds independently from each other. Which can be useful if you want to share one earbud with someone so they can listen to something else with their own device. You can snag this deal from Best Buy from the link below.

Jabra Elite 7 Pro – Best Buy

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