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Guilty Gear Strive Exploit Statement Issued by Arc System Works; Case is Investigated With “Full Urgency”

A few days ago, we talked about an exploit in Guilty Gear Strive that allowed malicious players to render the game unplayable. This exploit uses the R-Code system to gather information from players and prevent them from connecting to various in-game functions. In response, Arc System Works has issued a statement regarding this exploit.

In a statement, which you can see below, Arc System Works (through the official Guilty Gear account on Twitter) remarks that the case is being investigated with full urgency and seriousness while the development team is currently moving toward implementing a solution.

Currently, Guilty Gear Strive players are being encouraged to exit online game modes and inform the customer support team. Unfortunately, this exploit has been around for quite some time, leaving plenty of users affected by the malicious R-Code exploit which can cause various negative effects on both PC and PlayStation.

The problem is that it messes with Guilty Gear Strive’s R-Code system. As such, it’s independent of the platform the game is played on, and it rather targets the R-Codes themselves. The problem becomes worse once you realize that on PC, this issue can cause memory leak issues. Essentially, it can crash your game or even make your entire PC crash with a black screen of death.

In our previous post, we didn’t showcase the exploit in action. Below, you can see how the affected players get their game slowed down to a crawl and even crashed through a memory leak:

And yes, this confirms that the exploit has been around for longer than many of our readers might expect. Unfortunately, this is looking more like a Dark Souls RCE situation with a very slow fix rate. As soon as the exploit is fixed, we’ll report on the matter. For now, stay tuned for more updates on this currently developing story. Guilty Gear Strive is currently available on PlayStation and PC.

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