iandroid.eu | (Mis)use This Part to Attach 3D Printed Stuff to a Shaft

Interfacing a shaft to a 3-d printed apparatus does now not will have to be tough. [Tlalexander] demonstrated a solution that uses one a part of a spider coupling (or jaw coupling) to create an effective modular attachment. The picture above (and this older link) shows the whole thing you wish to have to know: the bottom of the coupling is mounted to the shaft, and a corresponding opening is modeled into the the 3-d printed phase. Slide the two together, and the result is a far sturdier solution than in search of to mate a 3-d printed apparatus instantly to a motor shaft with a friction fit or a screw. This solution isn’t necessarily limited to attaching gears each, any suitable 3-d printed phase could be interfaced to a shaft in this means.

(*(*12*)*)The ones couplings are readily available, and by accident for hobbyists, are to be had sizes specifically designed for now not peculiar stepper motors like NEMA 17 and NEMA 23. Mockingly, the ones couplings are regularly used when construction custom designed 3-d printers for those same reasons. With the program interfacing the rest the least bit to a motor shaft becomes maximum regularly a query of modeling an similar hole out of the phase to be 3-d printed. One coupling even provides two such attachments, since most efficient one of the two facets is used.

The image up top is from [Tlalexander]’s Rover image gallery, which comprises a ton of fantastic pictures of the art work that went into the gearboxes, (*3*)an important part of the Rover’s design that we have now spotted prior to now.

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