Has someone Ever been ready to get via to Comcast Xfinity strengthen billing, Anything?


I’ve sought after to arrange Comcast as auto-pay for months.
About this time each and every month I take a look at once more.

I’ve by no means been ready to get via to them, it all the time says “Something Went Wrong” take a look at later.
I in the end posted “Why cannot I am getting via to Comcast”.

What I discovered used to be never-ending messages about other folks now not ready to connect with Comcast Support by any means, on-line at the telephone, and so on.

I scrolled down a message on their discussion board for a zillion messages with out a solution till I were given to a message that claims this message has been closed, if you’re nonetheless having problems click on Here.

You guessed it I clicked on it and it when to a web page that could not attach.
I will be able to log into my account however from there I will be able to’t get to any more or less strengthen.


This is humorous the spell checker simply urged and I change the phrase web page, with bellboy!
And now it needs my to capitalize the phrase, phrase!