Hawk vs. Praying Mantis

A young Coopers Hawk swooped across the yard, landed on a division, and proceeded to dismantle one factor yummy, scattering little bits on the driveway beneath. One piece fluttered down like a feather, alternatively, after the hawk flew off, we came upon this:

(*4*)Praying Mantis – wing

It wasn’t a feather, it was an entire wing!

A few toes away, we came upon every other:

Praying Mantis – wing parts

No longer that there was any doubt, alternatively the ones parts clinched the identity:

(*2*)Praying Mantis – foreleg and wing parts

Some days earlier, we admired eight Praying Mantises on the decorative grasses and bushes out front. Possibly it was this one:

(*1*)Praying Mantis – brown wing covers – in grass

Or this one, a few toes away:

Praying Mantis – brown wing covers – on bush

We don’t know what, if any, the adaptation between brown and green wing covers would possibly indicate. Age? Gender? Perspective? Ability degree?

It’s a foods chain to be had available in the market!


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