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Here’s how you can avoid the HomePod Mini price hike

Two days ago, Apple was spotted quietly increasing the price of the uber-affordable HomePod Mini to £99, which is why we were excited to find a Mini still listed at its original price. 

The Apple HomePod Mini is currently still just £89 at Currys. We don’t know how long this price will last before succumbing to Apple’s 11% price hike, so if you’ve had your eye on the little smart speaker now is the time to nab it. 

The HomePod Mini is a small-sized smart speaker powered by Apple’s Siri voice assistant. 

Get a HomePod Mini for just £89

Get a HomePod Mini for just £89

Apple has quietly hiked the price of its smallest smart speaker, but it looks like Currys hasn’t followed suit just yet. Head to the retailer today to get the HomePod Mini for its old £89 price instead of £99.

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  • Was £99
  • £89

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You can ask Siri to play music, read news headlines and give you the latest on the traffic, weather and your personal reminders. You can use your voice to control other compatible smart devices, like lights and thermostats, and even to track down your iPhone when you aren’t sure exactly where you left it. 

The smart speaker can recognise the voices of up to six different family members for a more personalised experience and can even be used as an intercom system if you have two or more HomePods in different rooms. 

Finally, the HomePod Mini is a fantastic speaker in its own right. It’s well-integrated with Apple Music and delivers a big and balanced sound we actually preferred to the Echo and the Echo Dot. 

Our home technology editor David Ludlow awarded the HomePod Mini a perfect five out of five stars. 

“A speaker this size just shouldn’t sound as good as the Apple HomePod Mini does”, wrote David in his review. 

“With poise and balance, this speaker can handle everything you throw at it, delivering impressive room-filling volume, too. It’s a decent smart speaker, too, controlling anything in your Home app with ease, while the new Thread hub lets you attach some smart peripherals directly. This speaker is still a little Apple centric, and it would be nice to have Spotify better integrated. That said, for £89, this smart speaker is brilliantly priced and sounds better than any of its similarly-priced competition”. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear as though the £89 HomePod will last forever, as we’d expect Currys to eventually follow Apple’s suit and raise the price to £99. 

Even if the retailer does manage to keep the HomePod Mini low, it’s a fantastic smart speaker well worth picking up. For Apple users looking to make their homes a little smarter, the HomePod Mini is an easy choice at just £89. 

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