When it comes to gaming accessories there’s a lot to choose from that can augment your experience while improving it in numerous ways. And really that’s what it all comes down to when you’re looking at accessories. They’re meant to enhance the experience and make you want to play more games. Or just enjoy the time you have more than you would normally. With the holidays coming up, gaming accessories can make really great gifts and if you’re getting ready to shop for that special person in your life, or maybe just some family or friends, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide on the best gaming accessories out there. While trying to ensure that gamers on every platform are included so there’s a little something for everyone. IN some cases the accessories might be usable across multiple platforms. While others might be specific to one platform. But for the most part all platforms should be covered. With all of that said, you can find our picks below along with some honorable mentions.

Best Accessory for Nintendo Switch: The Nitro Deck

The Nitro Deck makes playing the Switch in handheld mode the most comfortable it has ever been

I’ve only had this thing for a little over a month and I already love it. After picking up the Tears of the Kingdom Nintendo Switch OLED earlier this year, I spent countless hours playing both Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom after it launched. Much of it in docked mode but also a fair bit in handheld mode. While playing in handheld mode is fine and incredibly convenient and very enjoyable, after a little while it can start to feel uncomfortable because of the lack of ergonomics.

Holding the joy-con controllers for hours to play your games begins to feel a little bit like a chore. Look, I love the Switch but it is far from the most comfortable handheld. Enter the Nitro Deck.

I finally got my hands on one of these. And it has transformed my experience in playing the Switch in its portable state. However, I will say it was a little bit of a pain getting it to work initially. You have to make sure the “pro controller wired communication” is enabled which I did. But the unit still wouldn’t pair with my device. As it turns out, you also want to make sure to power cycle your Switch before attempting to pair the Nitro Deck. Once I did this all inputs worked completely fine.

With large ergonomic grips, remappable back buttons, big responsive triggers and bumpers, and full size Hall Effect joysticks, the Nitro Deck is the only way I ever want to play the Nintendo Switch in handheld mode anymore. Which is almost a shame considering how beautiful the Tears of the Kingdom Limited Edition Switch OLED is. Alas, the Nitro Deck is too good to stop using. Did I mention there’s also a turbo button? Well there is. So if you needed or wanted one of those for any reason, this gives it to you.

You can also swap out the thumbsticks if you don’t like the ones that come stock on the unit. There are a few different options that you get. I personally like the ones that come on it as they feel the most comfortable. But some might prefer the stick toppers that have more of a domed top. And if you get the limited-edition models, like the one that’s designed in theme of a Game Cube, the stick toppers look and feel like Game Cube controller joy sticks. Which is pretty excellent. Worth noting is that the thumbstick toppers only come with the limited-edition models, which are $90 as opposed to $60. But these also come with a carry case to sweeten the deal.

Now you might be wondering how the device connects to your Switch and it uses USB-C for a fast low-latency connection. So it plugs into the USB-C port on the bottom of the Switch just like the dock does. This would normally take up the port that you might use to keep the Switch plugged in to charge while playing. Thankfully the Nitro Deck also has passthrough charging via USB-C with an extra port towards the top of its backside. So you can still plug it in to charge while you play.

Additionally, there’s a kickstand on the back used for displaying the Nitro Deck when not in-use. If you like that sort of thing. What I really appreciated was that there’s still Rumble support. So you don’t have to forfeit that if you enjoy those haptics in games. Unfortunately the Nitro Deck does not support the use of Amiibos. If you do use these then you will have to wait and use them when you have the Joy-Con controllers in-use.

It’s not ideal. But I personally think giving up the Amiibo function for the much more comfortable setup is worth it. And if you really want to use the Amiibos you can use them for whatever game you’re playing. Then swap over to the Nitro Deck after you’ve done what you needed. When it comes down to it, the Nitro Deck is easily the ultimate accessory for Switch owners. A definite must-have.

Nitro Deck – Amazon

Honorable Mention: Genki Convert Dock Mini

Playing games on the Nintendo Switch in its handheld portable mode is great. But sometimes you just want to play on a bigger screen. Ok, so just throw it in the dock right? Sure, if you’re at home. But what about if you’re traveling or you want to play the Switch on a big TV in a different room from where the dock is set up? The Genki Convert Dock Mini might just be for you. This little device is the size of a small wall adapter and has inputs for HDMI, and USB-C, with a wall adapter folding plug on the other end.

So you can plug the adapter into the wall for power (it has a 20W output), and then you can plug the HDMI into a TV or monitor and a USB-C cable into the Switch. And just like that you’re playing your Switch on a bigger screen without the need for the original dock. This thing is 20x smaller than the original dock by the way. So it easily fits in your pocket or in a bag. And with a price of just $50 it’s also considerably cheaper than the original Convert Dock.

Genki Convert Dock Mini – Amazon

Best Accessory for PS5: DualSense Edge controller

Pro features and swappable thumbstick modules make this a must-have

These days, there’s no shortage of pro controllers for the PS5. But when it comes down to it, Sony’s DualSense is the best option there is. For starters, its biggest advantage is that it comes with swappable thumbstick modules. As someone who has dealt with multiple controllers getting stick drift this is a very important feature. There’s no guarantee that you would get stick drift on your own controllers. But in the event that you do, it’s nice to know that you can replace just the modules themselves. And not have to replace the whole controller.

These modules are $20 a pop. So that’s already a lot less expensive than replacing the whole controller which is usually $70. Outside the replaceable thumbstick modules the controller has loads of other features that make this a must-have accessory. Pro features aren’t absolutely necessary with games. But if you play games like Call of Duty or other competitive shooters, you definitely want the pro features. The DualSense Edge offers up things like trigger stops for less travel time on the triggers, and remappable back buttons for advanced play.

These are both really excellent features to have. In my personal experience, both are instrumental in playing Call of Duty on console. Having the back buttons was a huge benefit because of the ability to map the face buttons to the back where some of your fingers sit. This way you can keep your thumbs on the thumbsticks. This really does make it a lot easier to jump and slide around corners. Or you can map the back buttons to you weapon swap and reload which is immensely helpful as well.

As for the trigger stops, these are essential if you want an upper hand against opponents. With less travel time on the trigger you can get your shots off faster. And with the DualSense Edge there are three levels of the lock. You can leave it normal like a regular DualSense or bring the travel time of the trigger down to two other levels. I will say that I still think the SCUF Reflex instant triggers. Which offer a mouse click-like trigger, are better here. But overall the DualSense Edge is a better controller.

If you want to take customization even further, you can. You just go into the settings on your PS5 console and adjust what you want. You have an option to tighten up or loosen thumbstick sensitivity, dead zones, and more. Which can be huge for some players. Sony really lets you get down to the nitty gritty and set up the DualSense Edge to feel and play how you like. Technically most pro controllers will have this sort of feature. But what makes the DualSense Edge great is that you can do all of this ON the console.

You don’t need any outside software. As an example, the Nacon Revolution 5 Pro requires a PC app. Even if you’re tuning the profiles for PS5. And this is kind of a letdown as some users won’t have a PC. Sony bakes it right into the PS5 settings which is just way more convenient. Better still is that you get a really nice carry case with the DualSense Edge. This keeps the controller pretty well protected and of all the pro controllers I’ve used this is probably the nicest one.

There’s plenty of room for the sticks and inside you get more than just the controller. As there’s additional thumbsticks, a cable, cable lock, and the remappable paddles in there. There are a lot of great pro controllers out there now for PS5 but I think overall Sony’s official pro controller is the best bang for your buck. If you have to have the mouse click style triggers, then maybe it’s not the best option. But if you care less about that in particular, it’s definitely the way to go.

DualSense Edge – Best Buy

Honorable Mention: WD_Black SN850P SSD

The PS5 doesn’t come with nearly enough storage space for your games. Especially when games like Call of Duty and other AAA shooters take up massive amounts of storage space on the internal SSD that comes with the console. That’s why you’re absolutely going to want an NVMe SSD to use with the PS5’s expandable storage slot.

I’ve tested more than a few and the one that has performed the best for me is the WD_Black SN850P. You can get it in multiple sizes which makes it great for a variety of budgets. I’ve recently been testing it in the 4TB capacity and it’s a dream come true not to have to worry about having enough room for games anymore. Though I will highly recommend the 2TB model as the perfect middle ground.

It can be picked up for a decent price and sometimes goes on sale, and 2TB is a lot of extra room for games. I’ve yet to run out of room on my PS5 these days thanks to this drive. And between it and the console’s internal drive I have close to 50 games installed. You may not need all 4TB or 2TB of space. But you’ll definitely want more than the PS5 comes with stock.

WD_Black SN850P SSD – Best Buy

Best Accessory for Xbox Series X|S: Elite Series 2 controller

The best way to play any Xbox game

Much in the same way that DualSense Edge is the best accessory for the PS5, the Elite Series 2 controller is the best accessory for the Xbox Series X|S. There’s lots of reasons for this. But one big one that makes a world of difference is the repairability. Earlier this year Microsoft started officially selling replacement parts for the Elite Series 2 and standard Xbox controllers. This means if something goes wrong with the thumbsticks, the board, the shell or a few other things, you can buy a replacement part and repair it yourself.

If you feel inclined to do so. At $180, the Elite Series 2 controller is definitely an investment. And with that high cost, the last thing you want to do if something fails on the controller is replace the entire thing. That’s why it being repairable with official parts from Microsoft is such a good thing to have. And you won’t get this from many third-party controllers, if any.

It won’t be right for everyone as not everyone needs or wants the pro features that this offers. It is however an excellent controller and it has made playing games on both Windows PC and Xbox a lot more enjoyable. The repair factor is only a small part of why this is the best accessory for Xbox Series X|S though. The pro features are really what makes this a must-have accessory for the dedicated Xbox gamer.

Let’s start with the triggers. You can leave these untouched if you want a full 7.9mm trigger pull like you would get on a standard Xbox Wireless controller. But if you want a snappier trigger pull for shooters or racing games, these will shorten up to 1.8mm. Which is a lot better than regular. There’s also an in-between distance of 4.0mm if you want some middle ground. All-in-all you get some good customization here with the triggers.

This is just where the customization starts too. Microsoft also lets you swap between different thumbstick heights. And if you don’t like the full 8-way d-pad there’s a standard 4-way d-pad you can pop on instead. Then of course there’s the back paddles. These feel really good on the Elite Series 2 and are very easy to click compared to the back buttons on some pro controllers. And you can remove them fairly easily too if you prefer not to use them.

Then of course you get the extras like the carrying case and a charging dock. For the money, it’s just a really solid pickup if you want something above and beyond what comes in the box with the console. Battery life leaves a little to be desired. But it does last longer on a single charge than the DualSense controller. And you can easily plug it in if need be. This would also be a potentially better thing to do if you play competitive games as there will be less latency. Since you won’t have to worry about any sorts of interruptions with the wireless connection.

Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller – Best Buy

Honorable Mention: Storage Expansion Card

Much like the PS5 the Xbox Series X needs a little extra storage room for games. There’s a decent amount in the console to start with. But that fills up much faster than you’d expect when some of the games you install are close to 100GB or more.

You’ve got a couple of different options for expansion cards these days now that Western Digital sells the WD Black C50 1TB card. If you need more or less space then you have the Seagate Expansion Card which comes in 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB options. The point is you have options. And if you don’t need a pro controller, then additional storage should definitely be your first accessory.

WD_Black C50 Expansion Card – Best Buy

Seagate Storage Expansion Card – Best Buy

Best Accessory for Mobile: Razer Kishi V2 Pro

The Kishi V2 Pro elevates mobile gaming to new heights

Gaming on mobile devices used to be almost entirely limited to touchscreen controls. And that was perfectly fine given the scope of games and the way they were designed to be played. These days though, mobile gaming has expanded well beyond what most people likely thought it would become. And a good mobile controller is more or less now an essential accessory for gaming on the go.

Not just for games that were designed for mobile. But for PC and console games you can play through the cloud using services like Xbox Game Pass and GeForce NOW. And that’s why the Razer Kishi V2 Pro is the best gaming accessory for mobile devices. It’s a little pricey at $129.99 or $149.99 depending on which version you go with. But definitely worth it if you spend a lot of time playing mobile games.

Razer is a brand that has a storied history with gaming. And those long years of expertise in creating top of the line gaming products are present and well-displayed in the Kishi V2 Pro. From HyperSense haptics that take mobile gaming immersion to the next level to the tactile switches in the face buttons. While it won’t be suitable for all games it fits right in with anything that’s a first-person or third-person shooter. So long as the game supports controllers. It’s also perfect for racing titles, old-school RPGs, and beat ‘em up titles.

Now this is a mobile controller. So keep in mind that this isn’t going to be a full size controller like the DualSense or Xbox Wireless controller. Some might find it a little too compact and that’s perfectly fine. But it is fairly comfortable and should be for most users. Compared to the original Razer Kishi which I also loved, the Kishi V2 Pro is more ergonomi. And I found it very comfortable to hold even after playing for a few hours. It also has some pretty nice upgrades thanks to the inclusion of the 3.5mm audio jack for plugging in wired headphones.

For me, the best features are the microswitch ABXY buttons and the mecha-tactile L1 and R1 buttons. These have a very satisfying click to them. But more importantly there’s almost no travel time on the button press. Which makes it extremely fast to initiate whatever actions the game I’m playing has bound to these inputs. I also really like the macro buttons that sit next to the L1 and R1.

Remapping these was easy with the Razer app. Using them took a little getting used to. But once I did get used to them it was great for shooters since they have a mouse click feel. It definitely helped me get my shots off faster in those types of games. As I map these to the button used for firing main weapons.

The USB-C passthrough is a nice touch too as this allows you to plug the phone in while playing games so you can still charge it. While I do feel the joysticks can be a bit small, most mobile controllers have smaller joysticks not too unlike those of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers. And I do find the ones on the Razer Kishi V2 Pro to be fairly comfortable to use as well.

Razer designed the controller to be extendable so it fits a wide range of phones sizes. Which means most people aren’t going to have any issues using this with their device. And now that iPhones come with USB-C, one controller will work with both Android and iOS devices. The Kishi V2 Pro comes in a couple of different options which are black and white colorways. The white colorway however is an officially licensed Xbox version and comes with Xbox-specific buttons. It also comes with a 1-month trial to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. So if you’re an Xbox fan and want one of these controllers for Game Pass, the Xbox version of the Kishi V2 Pro is the way to go.

Razer Kishi V2 Pro – Best Buy

Honorable Mention: Logitech G435

A good wireless gaming headset that’s compatible with mobile is a solid purchase if you enjoy hearing your game audio. While some phones actually have great speakers (such as the ROG Phone line), most are just ok. And that’s where you want a good headset. Especially when a lot of games will be better with a headset anyways. Our pick here is the Logitech G435.

It’s a wireless headset that sits at a price of $49.99 and it’s compatible with mobile via Bluetooth. It can also be used with PS4, PS5, and PC with a USB adapter, or with Nintendo Switch via Bluetooth. It can also last for up to 18 hours and it’s comfortable. And of course it’ll sound good. Earbuds would be a good option too here, but all of the ones that are good quality for gaming are going to cost more than $50.

Logitech G435 – Best Buy

Best Accessory for PC: Nanoleaf 4D Screen Mirror + Lightstrip kit

A truly transcendent way to experience games

If you’ve not heard of the Nanoleaf 4D yet then you definitely want to take notice. As it adds an incredibly cool level of immersion to your PC games. In fact it works with more than just PC. And can be used for Xbox Series X|S, PS5, or even Nintendo Switch. That’s because it’s a lightstrip kit that comes with a camera that scans the colors of your TV or monitor. So whatever gaming platforms you have plugged into that TV or monitor will feed into the effects of the Nanoleaf 4D.

One of the best parts is that the entire camera kit and lightstrip setup only has a base cost of $99.99. And everything you need to enjoy the experience it provides is included in that $99.99 kit. That being said the experience is certainly made better with the addition of Nanoleaf’s various light panels. But they’re not needed for the 4D. The $99.99 version sets you up for TVs or monitors that are up to 65-inches in size. The light strip can be cut down as well if you need something shorter. Nanoleaf makes a kit that supports up to 85-inch TVs as well and the price only bumps up another $20.

So what exactly does the Nanoleaf 4D kit do? Well it’s a light strip kit and camera that syncs with the colors on your display. It then projects those colors onto the surface behind your TV or monitor. This gives your content a really cool immersive feel and adds to the experience of your games. The really cool thing is that you can change the lighting effects between what Nanoleaf refers to as 1D, 2D, 3D, and then 4D. 4D is the most advanced and scans multiple colors on-screen to project them.

This is perfect for games that are extremely fast-paced and constantly have bright, vivid colors in the game world. Think games like Destiny 2, Starfield, and of course Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty which is what I have been using them with the most as of late. For more casual games or even adventure games that are simply slower-paced, 3D or even 2D works great as the lighting doesn’t look or feel as busy or chaotic. And for the simplest experience you can change things to 1D.

With this mode the Nanoleaf 4D kit will display the most dominant color on-screen at any given time. I used this a lot for movies and TV shows, and the occasional game where levels were mostly one to three dominant colors. That being said you can use any of the four modes with anything you want and it still looks great. What’s more is that it’s super easy to swap between them whenever you want. All you have to do is open the Nanoleaf app and change everything there. You will of course have to set the lights up first.

Speaking of the setup, this was a really easy process that didn’t take more than 10 minutes or so. You just need a little bit of time to attach the light strip kit to the back of your display, then plug everything in and connect it to your WiFi. From there it’s as simple as turning the light strip kit on and off whenever you want to use it. If you want to extend the color palette of your PC games (or even your console games) in a fun new way this is a must-have accessory.

Nanoleaf 4D Screen Mirror + Lightstrip Kit – Best Buy

Honorable Mention: Logitech G915 TKL

The Logitech G brand makes some of the absolute best gaming peripherals available, and it’s none other than the G915 TKL that we’re selecting for our honorable mention of a best gaming accessory for PC. This incredibly thin wireless keyboard has ultra-low profile keys for a super sleek aesthetic. But beyond looks it also has the capability to connect to devices using both the Lightspeed wireless low-latency dongle and Bluetooth

And you can connect a device to each at the same time and seamlessly swap between them with the press of a dedicated button for each connectivity method. Throw on the long battery life of up to 40 hours in a single charge and the option for clicky, tactical, or linear switches and you have yourself a real winner.

Logitech G915 TKL – Best Buy

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