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Holy Crap! Homestar Runner Lives On Thanks to Ruffle Project!


If you’re an grownup of a undeniable age, it’s possible you’ll take into account Homestar Runner. Or much more likely, Strong Bad’s emails. Homestar Runner used to be one of the most efficient authentic internet animation websites within the early 2000s, however alas ran on Flash. When Flash died, so did Homestar Runner. Except no, it didn’t! You can nonetheless watch Homestar Runner these days, thank you to the Ruffle Project!

The Ruffle Project is an open-source Flash emulator that works in any modern day browser. It works as an alternative to Flash in order that everybody concerned, from the web page proprietor to the customer, doesn’t have to do any actual paintings. You can set up browser extensions to make any Flash website online paintings. Better but, a web page proprietor can set up Ruffle to the website online to do this give you the results you want. And for probably the most section, it must simply paintings—as soon as the web page proprietor installs Ruffle, that’s it. And that’s the case with Homestar Runner, you’ll be able to simply move to the website online and it paintings paintings, most commonly.

“Mostly” is the important thing phrase, although. Ruffle Project emulates Flash, however now not completely, and it in reality presentations with Homestar Runner. For various other people, the beginning and of Homestar Runner is Strong Bad emails. That’s all they cared about and all they watched. The excellent information is, maximum Strong Bad emails are already on YouTube.

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The unhealthy information is, now not they all are, and Homestar Runner isn’t your standard Flash website online. Go to the most recent Strong Bad e-mail, The Next April Fools Thing, and the best choice is to use the Ruffle Emulator. When you click on on that, you’ll get a caution that this actual e-mail would possibly not play proper. 

The largest factor is emails with video components, which received’t paintings correctly. Instead of a Puppet Jam or demise steel video, you’ll get a white field. At least for now. The excellent information is, Easter Eggs nonetheless paintings. The creators of Homestar Runner and Strong Bad (jointly referred to as The Brother Chaps) loved placing easter eggs into movies at the website online, together with Strong Bad emails. Click at the proper phrase or symbol, and a unique video may pop up. 

Things spoil much more when you wish to have to play video games. The Homestar Runner has various Flash video games to select from, many impressed via the Strong Bad emails. But click on on some, like Peasant’s Quest, and also you’ll get a snappy greeting to assist you to know the sport doesn’t paintings proper. Sure, you’ll be able to transfer round, however you’ll be able to’t input a construction or pick out anything else up. Bummer.

The excellent information is, The Brothers Chaps are operating on it. The function is to get the whole lot operating because it must. The even higher information is, the Homestar Runner website online appears higher than it has in years. Remember, Homestar Runner has been round because the early 2000s, with few updates in over a decade. If you visited it in recent times, all of the graphics and movies appeared in reality small. Now they’re a lot greater. It’s like an HD improve!

So in case you’re feeling nostalgic, take a commute down Homestar Runner lane. Don’t leave out Teen Girl Squad! Maybe take a look at the Homestarloween birthday celebration. And in case you’ve by no means heard of Homestar Runner ahead of, neatly, right here’s an advent for you. Go on, watch some emails.


Source: The Brothers Chaps