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How GTA 5 Mobile download APK files can harm your Android … –

There are numerous links on the internet that claim to have the mobile version of GTA 5. However, downloading these files, or even opening the links, can put a gamer’s device at risk. The majority of these are infected with adware and, in the worst-case scenario, malware.

These are viruses that can have various effects on a smartphone. There are several ways in which players can be harmed, ranging from annoying pop-up advertisements to corrupted data. As a result, it is best not to open such links, let alone download any files from these websites.

How GTA 5 APK files can harm Android phones and why players should stay away from them

Is there a mobile version of GTA 5?


Rockstar has never released any game from the HD Universe on mobile devices. This means that there are no legit copies of Grand Theft Auto 4 or 5 available for Android smartphones. A few independent developers have attempted to port these games to mobile, but they are barely playable and are only test builds.

There’s no way to explore the stunning world of Los Santos and Blaine County on mobile phones other than through Steam Link or some cloud streaming service. Hence, players should steer away from any website that advertises Grand Theft Auto 5 as a downloadable game.

How are the APK links harmful?


Websites allegedly hosting GTA 5 APK and OBB files are an obvious scam. As mentioned before, there are no such files available. Sometimes, the downloaded files will be nothing but a pirated version of GTA San Andreas. These are often heavily modded variants of the original game, usually with preinstalled graphics mods.

However, they aren’t always harmless and might contain adware/malware in the APK file itself. Running the infected APK runs the risk of activating the virus. Sometimes, the APKs are not for an infected copy of San Andreas but simply the virus itself. Adware will redirect a user to certain websites that display advertisements.

They may also come in the form of annoying pop-ups on the screen. Meanwhile, malware can corrupt system files or, in the worst case, steal sensitive data stored on the phone. Since most people use their phones to shop and make payments, it is recommended not to download any files without scanning them with an antivirus software.

What can players do instead to play the game on mobile?


The best alternative for playing Grand Theft Auto 5 on mobile is using Steam Link. Players must simply install the Steam Link app on their mobile device and connect it with their Steam account on their PC. If they own GTA 5 on Steam, they can then stream the game on their mobile device.

Players will also need a high-speed internet connection with low ping. Another alternative is to use a paid cloud gaming service. This way, they don’t have to own a particular game but can play it on any device whenever they wish to.

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