How much RAM does your Android phone really need in 2022?


The most well liked telephones function a large gamut of RAM sizes. At one finish you may have (*12*)ultra-premium units up to 12GB or 16GB of RAM. On the different finish, funds telephones, a few of that have variants with simply 4GB of RAM. In the meantime, the center floor is filled with a variety of units with 6GB and ceaselessly 8GB of RAM.

Usually, more cost effective telephones have a tendency to have smaller quantities of RAM, whilst the top rate, high-end flagships providing extra. The query is, how a lot RAM do you wish to have when purchasing a brand new telephone? What’s the perfect quantity of RAM for an Android telephone in 2022? How a lot do you wish to have so as to add a bit future-proofing? Let’s to find out.

RAM vs switch house: Reminiscence control defined


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Each laptop, together with your telephone, makes use of Random Get entry to Reminiscence (RAM). Your these days working systems, their information, and the OS, are all saved in RAM whilst the pc is operating. Ten or so years in the past, Android units had 512MB or 1GB of reminiscence. On the other hand, the common quantity of RAM in units grew temporarily. In 2022, many top rate units had 3GB of RAM and all over 2022 and 2022 4GB changed into the de facto same old. 4GB is now regarded as the naked minimal for a brand new tool.

Regardless of how a lot RAM your tool has, it’s a finite useful resource that needs to be controlled. While you get started a brand new app on Android it must occupy a portion of the reminiscence. Easy apps and video games will use a couple of hundred megabytes. Extra subtle video games would possibly use as much as a gigabyte of RAM, and probably the most not easy video games can use as much as 1.5GB of RAM.

With 4GB of RAM, there’s enough space for a number of medium video games or apps, in conjunction with the OS, to are living fortunately in combination. On the other hand, one day, there will probably be not more loose RAM.

Regardless of how a lot RAM your tool has, it is a finite useful resource that may run out. That is the place switch house is available in.


To care for this eventuality, trendy computer systems use a method referred to as swapping. The oldest and least used pages of reminiscence are written out to the switch garage, and the reminiscence they occupied in RAM turns into loose. If that swapped-out reminiscence is wanted later, the stored reminiscence pages are learn again from garage and copied again into RAM (swapped-in). This a great deal will increase the volume of to be had reminiscence to retailer apps and knowledge however the trade-off is that it’s a lot slower in comparison to RAM.

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