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How to Build a Chat App with SwiftUI: Part 1

Sign up at, create the application, and ensure to choose building as an alternative of manufacturing.

To make issues easy for now, let’s disable each auth assessments and permission assessments. Make certain to hit save. When your app is in manufacturing, you will have to stay those enabled.

For long term reference, you’ll be able to see the documentation about authentication right here and permissions right here.

Now, save your credentials, as we’ll want them to energy the chat within the app. Since we disabled auth and permissions, we’ll simplest actually want the important thing for now, however in manufacturing, you’ll use the name of the game on your backend to create JWTs to permit customers to have interaction along with your app securely.

As you’ll be able to see, I’ve blacked out my keys. You will have to make sure you stay your credentials secure.