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How to Check Your Local Air Quality Index on Android

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Depending on the place you reside, air high quality could be a day-to-day fear. Wildfires, pollen, and air pollution can have an effect on the air high quality on your space. Here’s the way to take a look at the Air Quality Index in your Android telephone or pill.

There are a variety of apps and products and services available in the market for checking your native Air Quality Index. iPhones and iPad can take a look at with Apple Maps. It’s no longer rather that easy for Android gadgets, however there are nonetheless tactics to do it briefly and simply.

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What Is the Air Quality Index?

The Air Quality Index is a scale used to charge the standard of the air. In the United States, the Air Quality Index is outlined by way of the EPA. The scale runs from 0-500 and has six other color-coded ranges.

ColorAir Quality Index (AQI)Level of Health Concern
Green0 to 50Good
Yellow51 to 100Moderate
Orange101 to 150Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups
Red151 to 200Unhealthy
Purple201 to 300Very Unhealthy
Maroon301 to 500Hazardous

The ranking takes five other pollution under consideration: ground-level ozone, particle air pollution, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide. The purpose is to provide you with a easy metric for working out the air high quality at any given time.

Other nations, such because the United Kingdom, Germany, and India, use their very own Air Quality Index method, however the concept that is identical.

Check Air Quality with Google Assistant

If you employ an Android smartphone or pill, there’s an excellent probability it already has Google Assistant. You can use the Google Assistant to test your native air high quality with out putting in any apps.

There are a lot of other ways to release Google Assistant. Say “OK, Google” or “Hey, Google” if that’s the way you generally do it. Some gadgets can release Assistant with a swipe from the ground left or proper nook, which is what we’ll use.

google assistant android gesture

Once the Google Assistant is listening, say “What’s the air high quality?”

google assistant aircheck action

Google will let you know it could actually use a carrier known as “AirCheck.” This carrier is a Google Assistant motion, and it received’t set up anything else in your telephone. Say “Yes” to deliver AirCheck into the dialog.

google assistant aircheck action

AirCheck will open and ask for a location. Say “What’s the air high quality in [your location]?”

google assistant aircheck action

You’ll get a readout for the air high quality index after which AirCheck will depart the dialog.

google assistant aircheck action

To bypass all of this dialog the following time you open Google Assistant, merely say “Ask AirCheck about [your location].”

aircheck google assistant

Download an Air Quality App

There are dozens of apps within the Google Play Store for checking your air high quality. Some of the apps are just for explicit places, whilst others are for common use. One app that we adore is “Plume Labs: Air Quality App.”

The Plume Labs app is unfastened to download and doesn’t comprise advertisements or in-app purchases. You can upload a couple of places, select the Air Quality Index to your nation, get signals about air high quality, or even see air high quality on a map in make a selection primary towns.

EPA air quality app for android

If you reside within the United States, any other just right app to try is the authentic app from the EPA. The EPA “AIRNow” app is unfastened and with out advertisements. You can upload a couple of places, see a forecast for the week, and examine the main pollutant.

plume air quality app for android

These equipment will also be helpful if air high quality is one thing that has effects on your day-to-day lifestyles. Never depart the home once more with out realizing the prerequisites!