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How To Connect Ring To Wifi

How To Connect Ring To Wifi

Security is always the best precautionary measure. There are tons of security layers even on your computers and smartphones. But, having strong security mechanisms for houses is way more crucial because of the nature of risks associated with it. With a weak security system, you unknowingly risk your family members, yourself, and things in your house like cash, gold, and other expensive things. So, if you realized the importance of security and got a Ring device but do not know how to connect ring to wifi, you are at the right place. Let’s see how it is done.

Is Ring Device Worth It?

The Ring LLC is a company that specializes in smart homes and home security. It’s legitimacy can be estimated by the fact that the best e-Commerce giant, Amazon, owns Ring LLC. Ring devices give you a powerful security feature whether you live in apartments, condos, or houses.

With it, you can get to know who is at your doorstep and what is the current situation inside your house. You will be able to hear and speak to the visitors too. Besides that, you can see them too on your smartphones no matter where you are in the world. And the attractiveness does not stop here. You will even get notifications, and the Ring doorbell can even detect motion around it. Besides all those unique appeals, the Ring device uses rechargeable batteries and wired connections for non-stop availability.

How to Connect Ring Device To WIFI In These Simple Steps:

Assuming that you have successfully mounted your Ring device and provided a power supply, here is how you connect it to wifi.

Step 1:

You must first download an app to interact with your Ring device using your smartphone. You can download the app here for iOS and Android.

Step 2:

Like any other app, you would need to register to create an account. Do not worry. It does not cost any money. Click on the option ‘create a new account’ and follow the onscreen instructed steps to complete the process.

Step 3:

Now that you have created an account, you need to select the device you have. Choose your device as Ring camera or Ring doorbell, depending on what you have.

Step 4:

Now, you need to find the QR code on your Ring device. If there is no QR code, then a barcode will be printed on the device. Plus, these codes are also printed on the manual booklet that comes with the devices. Find the codes and scan them on your smartphone.

Step 5:

The app will then ask you for details regarding your location. You can also name your devices as per your choice.

Step 6:

Now, you need to provide the SSID and password of the wifi to the Ring device to connect it to the wifi. But how are you going to do that? For this, the Ring device will generate it’s own temporary wifi connection, which is known as Access Point (AP) in technical language. This stage is called the setup mode, and it should automatically appear.

However, if this mode does not appear for whatever reason, you can press the setup button on the device until it starts to blink the white LED on it.

Step 7:

Now that the Ring device has generated it’s own temporary wifi network, connect your smartphone to that network and then go to the installed app. The name of this temporary wifi network will either contain the word “Ring” or the MAC ID of your Ring device.

Step 8:

Now is the time to provide the SSID and the wifi password to which you desire to connect the Ring device.

Step 9:

Everything is done now. You can use your app to test the Ring devices now.


Security should not be underestimated to any extent. For better security in terms of surveillance inside and outside the house or property, you should use Ring devices. These devices are great, providing you features like motion detection, notification, hearing and speaking with the people using your Ring devices, and rechargeable batteries. Undoubtedly, they are worth every penny to make your property more secure than before.

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