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How to Flutter Kick

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Brad Hurvitz

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Certified Survival Swimming Instructor

This article was co-authored by Brad Hurvitz and by wikiHow staff writer, Dan Hickey. Brad Hurvitz is a Certified Swimming Instructor for My Baby Swims, an adolescent swimming school based in La Jolla, California. Brad is trained as an Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) instructor with ISR’s Self-Rescue® program. He specializes in training children aged six months to six years of age survival skills like floating on their back to breathe and swimming back to the wall, while also educating parents on how to better keep their kids safe. He has a Master of Business Administration from Oregon State University. This article has been viewed 115,791 times.

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Updated: December 24, 2022

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To flutter kick, start by pushing one of your legs down into the water with your toes pointed and turned slightly inward. Then, as your leg is floating back up in the water, repeat with your other leg. Continue alternating your legs and increasing your speed, making sure your feet aren’t breaking the surface of the water. To practice flutter kicking, try holding onto a kickboard so it’s easier to propel yourself forward. You can also push off from the pool wall before flutter kicking to give yourself some momentum. To learn how to combine other swim strokes with flutter kicks, scroll down!

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