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How to Fold Curtains That Are Too Long

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Curtains may also be pricy, so when you unintentionally purchased a suite which might be too lengthy, you are more than likely no longer in a large hurry to exchange them. However, you are more than likely additionally no longer tremendous eager about seeing your curtains puddled at the ground each and every time you stroll into the room. Luckily, there are a couple of easy answers to get your curtains to the easiest duration—and you do not also have to stitch them except you wish to have to!

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Using Curtain Clips

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    Choose curtain clips which might be hooked up to hooks or rings. Curtain clips have a small alligator clip at the backside and both rings or hooks at the most sensible. Either taste will paintings—it actually simply is dependent upon the glance you are going for.[1]

    • You can use as many or as few clips in line with panel as you need, however on the whole, the use of extra clips will give your curtains a extra sumptuous, pleated glance. On the opposite hand, the use of fewer clips would possibly make your curtains glance roughly stretched out. We counsel the use of 9 clips in line with panel as it makes the spacing tremendous simple![2]
    • If your curtains are a actually heavy subject matter, like velvet or brocade, acquire heavy-duty curtain clips. Check the packaging or on-line product list to see how a lot weight every clip can enhance.
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    Fold the highest of the curtain over so the curtains are the correct duration. Measure the duration you wish to have your curtains to be, then fold them over from the highest. Make certain the fold is going towards the again of the curtain.[3]

    • Don’t concern about spoiling the glance of your curtains—you will be unable to see the fold from the entrance![4]
    • If your curtain has tabs for the rod to slide thru, minimize those off with sharp scissors first. Otherwise, the tabs may well be visual in the course of the curtain when the solar shines thru.
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    Clamp the curtain clips onto the fold so they are calmly spaced. If you are the use of 9 clips in line with panel, you should not have to do any measuring to make sure that the clips are spaced completely. Start via hanging a clip on both finish of the curtains, then every other proper within the middle. Add 1 extra clip precisely midway between the leftmost clip and the middle, then 1 midway between the center and the correct. You will have to have 5 general now. Place every of the rest clips precisely midway between those already in position, for a complete of 9![5]

    • No topic what number of clips you are the use of, make sure that they are spaced out calmly. Otherwise, some portions of your curtains shall be too taut, whilst others will sag.
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    Slide the rings or hooks onto the curtain rod. If you are the use of rings, feed the rod thru every ring personally, then mount the rod on brackets. If your clips are hooked up to hooks, simply slide every hook over the curtain rod—you are not looking for to take the rod down.[6]

    • To stay your curtains from sliding too some distance whilst you shut them, position the ultimate ring or hook out of doors of the bracket for your curtain rod.[7]



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Creating a No-Sew Hem

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    Read the care label for ironing directions. Some artificial materials will soften when you iron them, whilst different fabrics require low warmth so they do not get burned. If the tag does not in particular say the rest about ironing, search for an emblem that appears like an iron—or kind of just like the lowercase “a” on a pc keyboard. If you spot:[8]

    • A undeniable image—it is secure to use any warmth environment for your iron.
    • An emblem with 1 dot—best use the bottom warmth environment.
    • An emblem with 2 dots—use medium warmth.
    • An emblem with 3 dots—use the perfect warmth environment.
    • An emblem with an X—don’t iron this material. Try making a rod pocket or the use of curtain clips to modify the duration, as an alternative.
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    Fold the ground of the curtains underneath so they are the correct duration. There are two tactics you’ll do that. The very best method is to dangle the curtains, then fold the bottoms underneath so they simply graze the ground. However, you’ll additionally measure the duration from the highest of the curtain rod to the ground, then measure down from the highest of the curtains. Just make certain to fold the material underneath, or towards the again of the curtains.[9]

    • If you are measuring, make marks with a disappearing-ink material pen, then fold the ground of the curtains underneath in order that they fit that dimension. Also, if the curtains shall be striking from clips or hooks, make certain to account for that.[10]
    • If you are folding the curtains whilst they are striking, you should not have to take any measurements in any respect.
    • For curtains which might be method too lengthy, you’ll have a large number of extra material left. You can trim this additional subject matter on the finish, but when you do not want to minimize the curtains, make 2 or 3 folds so the surplus subject matter is tucked in smartly.
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    Pin the hem into position. As you fold the curtains underneath, slide directly pins horizontally in the course of the material to protected it. You’ll take those pins out later, so do not be concerned in the event that they display in the course of the entrance of the curtains.[11]

    • Sometimes curtains can in fact be just a little longer on one aspect than the opposite. If you are operating via measurements, measure from the highest down in numerous spots alongside the curtain’s width to make sure that the duration is even—do not paintings from the ground up!
    • If you are apprehensive in regards to the pins falling out, use protection pins as an alternative of hetero pins.
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    Iron the fold to create a crease, getting rid of pins as you move. Place your folded hem onto an ironing board and warmth your iron to the fitting temperature. Slowly run the iron alongside the ground fold, however do not iron over the pins, since they might snag the material. If you used directly pins with plastic heads, be particularly cautious to take away all of them, because the plastic will soften.[12]

    • If you pinned the curtains whilst they had been nonetheless striking, you’ll simply put the ironing board proper underneath the window the place the curtains are striking—little need to take them down!
    • Iron each the highest and backside folds when you had to fold the curtain on itself greater than as soon as.
    • Ironing the crease down will assist stay the fold in position even with out the pins.
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    Place a strip of iron-on hem tape throughout the folded hem. If you made a small fold or you are making plans to trim away the surplus material, stay the tape shut to the ground of the fold. If you folded the curtain on itself a number of occasions, position the tape nearer to the highest crease so it is going to lay flat. Just make sure that not one of the tape is appearing out of doors of the fold—if the adhesive touches the iron, it is going to make a sticky mess.[13]

    • It’s ok to paintings in sections if the entire hem would possibly not have compatibility at the ironing board on the similar time.
    • If you are at hand with a stitching gadget, it is utterly nice to sew them down.[14]
      However, iron-on hem tape will permit you to get a neat hem although you have no stitching abilities!
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    Press and raise the iron over the material to protected the tape. Place the iron onto the material proper over the hem tape and press down for 1-2 seconds, then carry the iron directly up. Move the iron over to the following segment of the adhesive and press down once more. Keep going till you might have long gone down the entire duration of the curtain.[15]

    • Double-check that the adhesive is totally lined via the material. Don’t let the iron contact the hem tape, or it is going to stick to the iron plate.
    • The warmth will reason the adhesive to stick to each side of the material, making a sturdy hem.
    • Always use a urgent and lifting movement. Don’t run the iron over the adhesive—you could pucker the material, and it will stick that method.
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    Trim the surplus material, if you need. If you left a large number of additional material folded up, you’ll trim it now with a pointy pair of material shears. Cut slowly so that you get a directly line, however do not pressure an excessive amount of—the uncooked edge shall be at the again of the curtains, so it should not be visual.[16]



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Folding a Rod Pocket

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    Fold the curtain down two times from the highest. Be certain to fold the material towards the again of the curtain so the pocket would possibly not display. Make two folds—that method, you’ll be able to nonetheless have a pocket for the curtain rod after you glue down the primary layer of material. However, in case your curtains have already got a rod pocket, simply fold that over as soon as—you’ll be able to nonetheless have a pocket when you are completed.[17]

    • Be certain the fold you create is a minimum of two times the width of the curtain rod you are making plans to use. This will make sure that you’ll simply mount the curtain when you are completed. You can measure the space if you need, or you’ll simply eyeball it.
    • If your curtains should not have a rod pocket and also you best need to fold them over as soon as, or in case you are making plans to stitch the hem in position, depart a 1 in (2.5 cm) seam allowance.
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    Add pins to protected the pocket in position. Slide directly pins horizontally in the course of the backside of the fold that you just made, or use protection pins when you’d want. This will create the ground hem, however will depart the pocket open so you’ll slide the rod thru.[18]

    • If you are simply in search of a short lived repair, it is nice if you wish to have to prevent right here! Just slide the curtains onto the curtain rod and dangle them in position.
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    Place hem tape underneath the ground fold for a no-sew repair. Place a bit of the folded curtain on an ironing board in entrance of you. Remove among the pins, then position a strip of iron-on hem tape between the curtain and the innermost fold you made.[19]

    • Make certain not one of the adhesive is appearing—if it touches your iron, it is going to stick to the iron plate, making a large mess!
    • If you’ll want to sew the curtains, use a heavy-duty stitching gadget and paintings slowly. Just make certain to stitch alongside the very backside of the fold, and do not stitch up the edges—you wish to have the pocket to be open.[20]
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    Iron the hem tape to protected it. Press your iron down over the folded material and cling it in position for 1-2 seconds. Then, carry the iron directly up. This will warmth up the hem tape, making it stick to the material. Keep urgent and lifting till you end that segment, then repeat for the following segment the entire method down the curtain.[21]

    • Check the care tag to make sure that your curtain material is secure to iron prior to you do that. However, since you will not be urgent the iron to the material very lengthy, this may occasionally paintings on maximum materials—simply position a material between the curtains and the iron and take a look at it on low warmth in an not noticeable house.
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    Slide the rod in the course of the pocket you made. There will have to be an opening between the second one and 3rd layers of folded material. This is your rod pocket, so simply run the curtain rod thru that hole. Then, you’ll dangle your curtains like standard![22]




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Things You’ll Need


  • Curtain clips
  • Measuring tape (non-compulsory)

No-Sew Hem

  • Straight pins or protection pins
  • Iron-on hem tape
  • Iron
  • Ironing board
  • Measuring tape (non-compulsory)

Rod Pocket

  • Straight pins or protection pins
  • Iron-on hem tape
  • Iron
  • Ironing board


  • Wash and dry the curtains first to make certain of the duration—curtains will every now and then shrink whilst you wash them.[23]



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