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How to I access my documents?

Prooblems accessing documents

Hi Jilly,

Generally, the Documents folder found under Quick access is the Documents folder built-in to Windows, and not the Documents folder in OneDrive. Since you mentioned that both This PC and OneDrive are giving you the “Location is not available.” message,
do you mean to say that both Documents folders are missing from Quick access?

Based on the screenshot that you’ve provided, you are accessing your Documents through This PC, instead of Quick access. Have you tried pinning the Documents folder from This PC to Quick access? If not, we suggest that you do. This way, you won’t need to
go through several folders to reach your files.

Here’s how:

  • Access the contents of of the user account that you’re using, in your case, it’s the
    jilly folder from This PC > OS (CHow to I access my documents? :) >
    Users > jilly.
  • Right-click on Documents, and then select Pin to Quick access.

Regarding the OneDrive folder, we suggest restoring the Documents folder from the OneDrive recycle bin so we can avoid further errors. You may refer to this
support article for steps on how to restore deleted files and folders
in OneDrive.

Is your OneDrive synced to your Windows 10 PC? If so, you can try to restore the Documents folder from Steps on how to restore deleted files and folders can be found in this
support article under the
Restore deleted items section.

Let us know how it turns out.