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How to merge duplicate photos on iOS 16

Here is how you can merge your duplicate photos using iOS 16.

The iOS 16 update has brought a lot of new features to the iPhone, varying from being able to edit text messages after you send them to allowing users to add widgets to their Lock Screen.

And now, users that have a horde of photos may have a better shot at organising them. Now, the iPhone will scan for duplicate photos within the Photos app and give you the option of merging all of these photos together, freeing up storage space and ensuring that you don’t have multitudes of the same image.

If you want to know how you can merge all of your duplicate photos in just a few steps, make sure you keep reading, as we will be breaking it down.

What you’ll need: 

  • An iPhone running iOS 16 or later

The Short Version 

  • Open the Photos app
  • Click on Duplicates
  • Press Merge
  • Accept the pop-up
  1. Step

    Open the photos app

    Unlock your device and open up the Photos app. Photos app in iOS 16

  2. Step

    Click on Duplicates

    The iPhone will automatically detect any duplicate photos that are within your Photos. If you have any duplicate photos, scroll down to the Utilities section in the Photos app and there will be a Duplicate section. If you know you have duplicate photos and that option is not showing up, you can restart your phone or wait a couple of hours for them to register and show up. Duplicates option in photos

  3. Step

    Press Merge

    Click on the button that says Merge. You can also select specific photos and merge them if you choose, or merge all of them at once. Merge button in photos

  4. Step

    Accept the pop-up

    A pop-up will appear that will ask you if you’re sure about merging your photos. Press the Merge button to confirm your choice and to have your photos merged. Merge all the copies


Can I merge more than one photo?

Yes, your iPhone will recognise if you have multiple of the same photo and it will give you the option to merge them all.

How does the merge process work?

Apple claims that it will keep one version of the photo that combined the highest quality and relevant data. The rest will be moved to the Recently Deleted album.

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