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How To Reconnect Ring To WI-FI

How To Reconnect Ring To WI-FI

Ring doorbell is a multi-functional smart home appliance that simultaneously acts as a video intercom system and a doorbell. It notifies the users regarding the visitors. Over the top, the doorbell also permits the users to talk to the visitors via video calling with a tablet or Smartphone. This smart doorbell has come up with the device’s own smart app that you can customize the notification settings, do other work easily, and attend video calls with your visitor as long as you are connected to your Wi-Fi. For faster connection to your Ring doorbell, you need to run your Ring app and navigate to the three lines available top-left. There you can see the option devices. You need to click on that and then select the doorbell. You will now see the option Device health at the bottom of the stream. You need to click on that, and you can select change Wi-Fi or reconnect to the Wi-Fi network option.

The reasons why Ring Doorbell is not connecting to Wi-Fi

The Ring doorbell requires a functional Wi-Fi connection to work properly. The service might get hampered without a proper connection. Users often complain that their Ring doorbell is not being connected to the Wi-Fi connection. When there appears a tech glitch, it can happen, thus preventing the Ring doorbell from with your internet. In some scenarios, your Wi-Fi may not be functional or not active, and your doorbell will not be connected to it. Below mentioned are the reasons that prevent the doorbell from launching a functional connection with your router.

Power outrage:

When there is a power outage or power loss, the Wi-Fi will not stay functional. As a result of which, there can be a network loss temporarily, and the doorbell will not be connected.

Low battery of your device:

The low battery level of the router or doorbell may also disrupt your connection.

Poor Wi-Fi Connection:

When your Wi-Fi connection is not enough strong to provide service, the Ring will not be working properly. Any poor connection may also be an outcome of your router’s poor position. Like the router might be hidden beside a sofa or cupboard, or it might be placed in your home’s congested corner. In this scenario, you have to place your doorbell within the router’s range for better service. The range offers differs in the case of the older router models. It is recommended to purchase a new router if you are using an old device.

Wrong login credentials:

This may happen when you are typing the username or password of your Wi-Fi wrong. This is the cause why you need an active Wi-Fi to link to the doorbell. You can check your credentials once to ensure that you have typed the correct information.

When you see that there isn’t any battery-related issue and the connection is active properly, you might need to take other ways to solve your issue.

How to reconnect the ring to WI-FI?

The finest way to establish a seamless Wi-Fi connection is to reconnect the Ring to your router. In most cases, a network problem prevents your Ring from getting connected to your Wi-Fi. You may follow the steps for reconnecting your device.

  1. Check your network

Poor network connection often disrupts the service of your Ring doorbell. In this scenario, it is best to recheck the status of your router network. Foremost it is advisable to disconnect the doorbell. Then you can try to connect to the Smartphone with the Wi-Fi router. When the phone is seamlessly connected, your network is in quite a normal state, then you will be able to reconnect your ring doorbell.

  1. Change the Password

If you have recently changed your Wi-Fi password, the Ring device might not be connected to it. Even when your device has been connected beforehand, it will need a reconnection. So, you require to reconnect it with your router manually. After changing the password, you need to open the app Ring doorbell and manually reconnect the device by typing in a new password.

  1. Reboot the Router

Sometimes a router starts to lag and also takes pretty long to establish a connection. Your Ring, in such cases, will take more time to get connected. The finest way of solving this issue is to reboot the router. You must wait for five minutes after turning off the router. You may turn it on after that, and you will see that it works quite fine. First, try reconnecting your Smartphone with your router after you have rebooted the router. If the phone is instantly connected, you may proceed with the doorbell.

  1. Check the power supply of your device

Sometimes, a low battery may cause the Ring device of the user to stop working correctly. When the battery is operating the doorbell, it is a common case. When the device cannot recharge itself, it won’t be connected to the Wi-Fi. The best way to check your Ring bell’s battery power is to find the cause. Battery status may be checked as

  • On your mobile, you need to first open your Ring smart app
  • Then on the top left corner of the screen, click on three lines. Next, head on to the Devices option.
  • Then select devices and then select Ring doorbell.
  • Click on the button Device health, which is available on your screen
  • Next, check the power status that displays the charge percentage of your battery.

It is advisable to recharge your device when the battery is not at the optimal level. When the battery is charged fully, you may reconnect that with your router.

  1. Check the Compatibility

Ring devices usually work with a Wi-Fi connection of 2.4 GHz. These are not compatible with the Wi-Fi network of 5 GHz as these devices do not come with connected hardware. If you have recently changed to any Wi-Fi router with a 5GHz connection length, it is the fundamental problem. It is best to use a 2.5 GHz of Wi-Fi network. You may also use a router that is capable of offering networks of both 5GHz and 2.5 GHz.

  1. Change the network password

When the doorbell is disconnected suddenly from the Wi-Fi network, the best solution is to change the Wi-Fi password. After you have done that, you can reconnect the Ring device once again. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • In the search tab of your Start menu, type CMD
  • Then on the Run as Administrator, right-click on it. A dialog box will be opened
  • In the dialog box type /ipconfig. You need to copy IPV4 from here
  • From the browser, you need to paste your copied code
  • Then log in to your Wi-Fi panel with the login credentials
  • Next, head on to your Wi-Fi network and create a new password. Use a unique combination of both lower and upper-case special characters, numeric, and alphabets.

Wrapping up

Ring Doorbell is a great gadget that helps you get notifications regarding your visitors. Also, approach them via a video call for some of the communication before you permit access. If the problem is not solved through troubleshooting, you may seek technical help. Proper examination and installation of the doorbell is necessary.