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How to Repair a Paperback Book

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Lois Wade

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Former High School Librarian

This article was co-authored by Lois Wade. Lois Wade was a high school librarian for four years. She is experienced in repairing books, resewing bindings, and protecting books, along with general book care and organization. This article has been viewed 476,370 times.

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Updated: December 24, 2022

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To repair a loose page in a paperback book, apply a line of archival glue along the binder and stick the page in place. Then, weigh the book down with a heavy object so the page stays flat, and leave it to dry for 24-48 hours. If you’re repairing a torn page, cut a piece of archival tape that’s slightly longer than the tear, then flatten it out over the tear with your fingers so it reaches past the ends of the tear in both directions. For a detached cover, apply glue to the spine of the cover and the pages, stick them together, and weigh the book down while it dries for 24 hours. For tips on how to fix a break in a binding, read on!

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