How To Resize, Combine, & Merge Layers In fotoshop

One of fotoshop’s many easy symbol changes is its use of layers that provide help to alter, take away, and mix symbol parts.

Layers in fotoshop are like separate flat panes of glass stacked on most sensible of one another. Each incorporates a special piece of content material.

How To Resize An Image Layer In fotoshop

You can resize, rearrange, and merge symbol layers in fotoshop to get the impact you need.  Start via importing a picture to fotoshop. Choose the layer you wish to have to resize from the decrease right-hand nook of the display screen.

If your layers panel isn’t appearing, move to Windows within the most sensible navigation and click on on Layers to open it.

Navigate to Edit from the highest bar and click on on Free Transform.

You will see the resize body across the symbol you might be enhancing.

To resize the layer, click on and dangle down the shift key for your keyboard and drag the picture to the dimensions you wish to have. Holding down the shift key resizes the picture with out distorting its proportions.

Resize Images By Percentage

Instead of the usage of the field round your symbol to resize it, you’ll use the peak and width share measurements from the highest bar.

Select the picture layer as you probably did earlier than within the backside right-hand nook of the display screen.

Use the highest bar navigation underneath Edit to click on on Free Transform. Look on the bar at once underneath the highest navigation.

You can exchange the width and peak within the menu somewhat than dragging the field round a picture to resize it. To deal with the facet ratio, click on the icon within the yellow field above, so that you don’t distort your symbol.

To save your adjustments, press Enter for your keyboard or click on the take a look at mark within the navigation.  

How To Merge Layers In fotoshop By Blending Modes

In this situation, we need to merge two pictures into one. We are beginning with footage of a snowy panorama and a bison.

Click the Move device from the toolbar at the left-side navigation. Then drag the panorama over to the proper in order that it covers the bison.

From the Layers’ panel at the right-hand facet, click on the drop-down menu subsequent to Normal.  Try out other mix modes to look which one appears highest.

Below are some examples of ways the Soft Light, Overlay, and Screen mix modes glance for your merged symbol.

Soft Light



To save your symbol, click on Save As from File within the most sensible bar navigation. Save it within the fotoshop structure. Leave Layers checked as a way to retain your editable layers within the running model of your report.

If you wish to have to percentage a duplicate of your symbol, save any other as a .jpg. 

How To Merge Layers Into a Single Image

In this situation, we will be able to use three layers: a picture, a symbol, and an adjusted brightness layer.

To merge all of them in combination, first, be sure all three layers are visual. See the icon defined in yellow underneath.

Right-click on any one of the layers and make a choice Merge Visible.

Then save your symbol in any of the to be had codecs. Remember to avoid wasting a fotoshop model with Layers checked if you wish to revisit your venture.

To merge particular layers and no longer they all, dangle down the Control key on Windows or the Command key on Mac. To make a choice the layers you wish to have to merge, click on on each and every one. Right-click any of the photographs selected, make a choice Merge Layers, and save the picture.

Merge Layers To Create a Textured Image

Layer mix modes in fotoshop are a handy guide a rough technique to merge two pictures in combination so as to add a textured glance.

Start via opening a photograph. Go to File > Open > Select the picture you wish to have to make use of > click on Open.

The subsequent step is so as to add a picture via going to File > Place Embedded, make a choice an image out of your laptop and click on Place.

We will select a picture with a texture. To save the location, click on the checkmark at the most sensible bar navigation.

Look on the layers panel at the right-hand facet. Because we added the second one symbol by the use of Place Embed, fotoshop robotically made a brand new layer for the textured symbol.

Make certain to make a choice the brand new textured layer as within the screenshot above. To practice a layer mix mode, open the drop-down menu on the most sensible of the layer panel. You will see a number of mix modes from which to make a choice.

Click on any of the choices to look what each and every clear out will seem like for your fotoshop background symbol.

fotoshop blends the colour and tones within the textured layer with the ones at the background stage underneath it. See an instance of what the Multiply possibility looks as if within the screenshot underneath.

Click each and every mix mode within the drop-down menu till you discover a mixture you favor. Or you’ll take a look at a sooner manner or shortcut to check out out other mix modes.

Keep the feel mode highlighted. Cycle during the alternatives via settling on the Move device from the equipment panel. While conserving down the Shift Key, press the Plus Key. Each time you press and liberate the plus key, the following mix mode within the menu is carried out in your symbol.

While you might be scrolling during the choices the usage of the shortcut, the names at the blender mode will exchange as neatly. Below are some examples of various blender modes.

To return up the menu choices, dangle down the Shift Key and press the Minus Key.

We will use the Overlay possibility. If you wish to have a special glance, you’ll exchange the opacity of the textured layer via adjusting the slider. It is positioned at the right-side of the mix mode menu.

When you just like the glance of the mixed effects, navigate to File > Save As. Save the picture as a fotoshop or PSD report, or any structure you wish to have. Remember to avoid wasting the layers if you wish to have so that you could edit this venture at some point. 

How To Merge Two Image Layers

You too can use layer mix modes to mix or merge the content material of any two pictures in combination. Go again to File > Open, navigate to a picture for your laptop, and click on Open.

Let’s upload any other symbol to the one above. Go to File > Place Embedded. Select an image and click on Place.

Click the checkmark from the highest navigation to avoid wasting your embedded picture. Now, practice a mix mode to the highest layer. 

Scroll during the menu or use the shortcut described above to discover a mix mode you favor. The screenshot underneath presentations what the picture looks as if with the Lighten Blend Mode.

To save your symbol, move to File > Save As > fotoshop report or a report form of your selection.

Combine Two Photos Together

Start via developing a brand new report. Open fotoshop, select File > New > Select Document Type, set Background Contents to Transparent, and click on Create.

Drag a picture out of your laptop into fotoshop. Resize the image to make it are compatible the window via clicking and grabbing the handles across the edges. This will deal with the facet ratio of your symbol and no longer distort it.

Press Enter to proceed. Drag any other symbol into the fotoshop window. Look within the Layers panel at the right-side to look that each and every symbol is now a separate layer.

You can transfer pictures in entrance or in the back of via dragging a layer up or down within the Layers panel. To display or disguise pictures, click on the attention icon subsequent to the layer to cover it. To make it visual, click on it once more.

We will merge the two pictures to make it seem like the automobile is riding into the mountain. Start via grabbing the Quick Select device from the left bar navigation.

Hold down the Quick Select device and drag it around the most sensible a part of the place the automobile is riding within the authentic symbol.

Now click on on Inverse underneath Selection within the most sensible bar. With this house decided on, we’re going to create a masks via clicking at the icon positioned on the backside of the right-hand facet panel.

The automotive now appears find it irresistible is riding into the mountains.

A formidable characteristic of fotoshop is the power to resize, merge, and mix photos to create imaginative composites.

We have handiest scratched the skin of fotoshop’s tough options and the way you’ll use them to create superior pictures.