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How to Succeed in College

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Daniel Santos

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College Admissions & Career Coach

This article was co-authored by Daniel Santos. Daniel Santos is a College Admissions & Career Coach and Prepory’s co-founder and CEO. Prepory is a leading college admissions consulting firm that has guided over 9,000 students from 35 countries through the US college admissions process. Prepory is a member of the National Association for College Admissions Counseling and a trusted admissions counseling partner to several competitive high schools across Florida. Prior to founding Prepory, Daniel worked at various leading law firms and the United States House of Representatives. Daniel has been featured as a college admissions and career coaching expert across several major publications, including the Wall Street Journal, FORTUNE, and The Harvard Crimson. This article has been viewed 493,803 times.

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Updated: February 28, 2023

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To succeed in college, give yourself incentives to study in advance, like treating yourself to something you’ve been wanting after a test or study session. Additionally, work on developing good study habits since you’ll be facing much higher expectations than you did in high school. In order to find out what habits work best for you, think about what time of the day you work best, and how long it takes before an idea really sticks in your mind. Then, use these factors to schedule daily study sessions so that you can avoid procrastinating. For more advice, including how to apply for financial aid and find work opportunities in college, keep reading.

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