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How to Turn Off or Customize New Email Alerts in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook logo on a gray background

Outlook does an excellent process of conserving you knowledgeable about new emails via the use of a number of other how to warn you. Here are all the tactics you’ll be alerted, and find out how to flip off or customise them.

Outlook makes use of the next four how to warn you about new emails:

  1. Playing a valid
  2. Changing the mouse pointer
  3. Showing an e-mail icon within the taskbar
  4. Displaying a banner alert within the backside proper of the display screen (best proper for Mac customers)

All of those may also be grew to become off utterly. Launch the Outlook application after which cross to File > Options > Mail and scroll right down to the “Message Arrival” segment.

The "Message arrival" settings in the Options panel.

You can flip any of the signals on or off via checking or unchecking the corresponding containers. Click the “OK” button to near the Options panel whilst you’re finished.

Turning off the signals this is an all or not anything answer, regardless that. What if you wish to have your signals to be a little much less nerve-racking or premature?

Using Focus Assist on Windows 10

Sometimes you wish to have no notifications in any respect, however just for a time period when you’re specializing in one thing else. This is the place Focus Assist turns out to be useful.

Focus Assist is a integrated Windows device that arrived within the April 2020 replace and hides signals from any (or all) apps every now and then and eventualities you select. We’ve lined Focus Assist in-depth, however right here’s what you want to do to ensure it does what you wish to have for Outlook.

While you’ll open Focus Assist in various tactics, we’re going to move there during the Settings panel. Press Windows+i for your keyboard to open up the Settings panel, seek for “Focus Assist,” after which make a selection “Focus Assist Settings” from the dropdown menu.

The Windows Settings search box.

Scroll right down to the “Automatic Rules” segment and switch at the choices you wish to have to allow.

The "Automatic rules" section of Focus Assist.

Each choice permits both “Priority Only” or “Alarms Only,” which may also be amended via clicking the choice and converting the “Focus Level.”

An example of the "Focus level" dropdown.

“Alarms” in particular refers to alarms generated via clock or alert apps. If you don’t wish to be disturbed in any respect, you’ll set the strategy to “Priority Only” and take away all precedence apps.

You can moreover customise “During These Times” via clicking on it and converting the time choices.

The time options in the "During these times" rule.

This turns out to be useful if you wish to have Focus Assist grew to become on handiest at sure instances of the day or simply weekdays and/or weekends.

Windows Notifications and Actions

In addition to Focus Assist, there are Outlook notification settings to be had in Windows. In the Settings menu (Windows+i keys), seek for “Notifications” or, in the event you’re already taking a look at Focus Assist, make a choice “Notifications & Actions” from the left-hand menu.

The "Notifications & actions" menu option.

Scroll down the listing of apps till you to find “Outlook” after which click on it to open the application’s Notification settings.

The Outlook app option.

You can trade whether or not banners are displayed (the similar atmosphere as “Display a Desktop Alert” in Outlook’s Options > Mail) or whether or not a valid is performed (the similar atmosphere as “Play A Sound” in Outlook’s Options > Mail), however the different choices are explicit to the Notification & Actions panel.

The first two distinctive choices are whether or not you wish to have notifications displayed within the Action Center (via default, that is enabled), and whether or not you wish to have to cover notifications from showing at the lock display screen (via default, that is disabled).

Two of the options in the Outlook notifications options.

The 2nd set of distinctive choices are what number of Outlook notifications are visual within the Action Center (1, 3, 5, 10, or 20), and the place within the precedence listing Outlook notifications are proven within the Action Center.

The Action Centre options for Outlook.

These settings gained’t trade Outlook’s habits, however they’ll trade what Windows does with the banner signals and the way it displays Outlook signals within the Action Center.

Change the Alert Sound

Lastly, don’t put out of your mind you’ll additionally trade the brand new mail notification sound to one thing extra on your liking. A extra soothing noise than the default chime might make new mail rather less distracting.