The best way to use ECG on Apple Watch: Stay tabs in your center well being


Adam Sinicki /


The Apple Watch’s electrocardiogram characteristic (ECG) is a thrilling addition to fresh fashions. The Apple Watch ECG app may give way more correct center fee readings than standard optical sensors and may even determine doable arrhythmias.

However simply how correct is the ECG at the Apple Watch? How do you get entry to it? And what do you do with that knowledge? Learn on, and we’ll discover the solutions.

What does ECG file?

An electrocardiogram measures electric alerts from the center intending to spot indicators of atrial traumatic inflammation. That is an abnormal heartbeat that can result in stroke or center illness.

Your center is a muscle, identical to your biceps or your hamstrings. Like the ones different muscular tissues, the center additionally calls for {an electrical} impulse to cause contractions. This manner, it’s conceivable for an ECG to measure the timing and energy of the center fee, leading to a much more correct studying than could be conceivable with an optical track.

The Apple Watch ECG app seems for irregularities between the rhythms of the higher and decrease chambers of the center. Those must preferably be in sync, which is known as a “sinus rhythm.”

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