Use Google Maps in Incognito Mode

Personal surfing—regularly referred to as “Incognito Mode”—is a usual function in internet browsers, however it may be helpful in different apps, too. Google Maps has an Incognito function that’s strangely tough. We’ll display you the way it works.

You’ll be able to see how a lot Google tracks your location by means of visiting your “Google Maps Timeline.” This knowledge isn’t set in stone. Places and all the day’s price of data can also be got rid of. Then again, Google Maps’ Incognito function can do that proactively.

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What Does Incognito Mode in Google Maps Do?

Whilst you allow Incognito Mode in Google Maps, quite a lot of issues occur. First, similar to Incognito Mode on a internet browser, your searches and skimming historical past received’t be stored.

2nd, and possibly most significantly, it’s necessarily a large “Off” transfer for location monitoring. Your location is probably not recorded for your Timeline or any place you’ve shared your location, however you’ll be able to nonetheless use the site services and products for your telephone.

Finally, your task in Incognito Mode received’t be used to personalize your enjoy in Google Maps.

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Pass Incognito in Google Maps

Turning on Incognito Mode in Google Maps is fast and simple. First, open the Maps app for your iPhone, iPad, or Android telephone or pill. Faucet your profile icon within the top-right nook.

Now, merely choose “Activate Incognito Mode” from the menu.


You’ll see a dash display, and a message will pop up with some details about what Incognito Mode does. Faucet “Shut” to continue.

Close the message about Incognito Mode.

Whilst you’re in Incognito Mode, your location dot at the map will probably be black as an alternative of blue. Your profile icon may also be changed by means of a hat and glasses icon, and there will probably be a black banner around the height of the display.

UI while in Incognito Mode.

To show off Incognito Mode, faucet the hat and glasses icon within the top-right nook of the Google Maps app and choose “Flip Off Incognito Mode” from the menu.


That’s it! It is a easy function, however when you’re somebody who cares about privateness and what sort of data you give Google, it’s a pleasing little trick to grasp.

If you happen to’d like much more keep an eye on over your location historical past, you’ll be able to auto-delete the ideas out of your account because it will get older.

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