Easy methods to Use VLOOKUP in Google Sheets

Lifestyles is messy, isn’t it? Such things as monitoring funds and managing time are messy and time-consuming. But, those are issues that, if put so as, would make stronger your existence. Spreadsheets can assist on a daily basis with those types of duties.

It may be difficult to seek out knowledge in spreadsheets, then again. That’s why we’re going to turn you tips on how to use the VLOOKUP serve as in Google Sheets to make discovering one thing in a spreadsheet so much more uncomplicated.


VLOOKUP is a Sheets serve as to seek out one thing within the first column of a spreadsheet. The V is for vertical as a result of, like columns on a construction, spreadsheet columns are vertical. So when VLOOKUP reveals the important thing factor we’re in search of, it’s going to let us know the worth of a selected cellular in that row.

The VLOOKUP Serve as Defined

Within the symbol beneath is the VLOOKUP serve as’s syntax. That is how the serve as is laid out, irrespective of the place it’s getting used.


The serve as is the =VLOOKUP( ) phase. Within the serve as are:

  • Seek Key – Tells VLOOKUP what it wishes to seek out.
  • Vary – Tells VLOOKUP the place to search for it. VLOOKUP will all the time glance within the leftmost column of the variability.
  • Index – Tells VLOOKUP what number of columns to the suitable of the left-most column within the vary to search for a worth if it reveals a fit of the quest key. The left-most column is all the time 1, the following to its correct is 2, and so forth.
  • Is looked after? – Tells VLOOKUP if the primary column is looked after. This defaults to TRUE, which means that VLOOKUP will in finding the closest fit to the quest key. This can result in much less correct effects. FALSE tells VLOOKUP that it will have to be an actual fit, so use FALSE.

The VLOOKUP serve as above will use no matter price is in cellular E1 as its seek key. When it reveals a fit in column A of the variability of cells from A1 to C5, it’s going to glance within the 3rd column of the similar row because it discovered the fit and go back no matter price is in it. The picture beneath displays the result of coming into 4 in cellular E1. Subsequent, let’s take a look at a few techniques to make use of the VLOOKUP serve as in Google Sheets.


Instance 1: The usage of VLOOKUP For Monitoring Jobs

Let’s say you’ve got a provider trade and you wish to have to determine when a piece order begins. It is advisable to have a unmarried worksheet, scroll all the way down to the paintings order quantity after which glance around the row to determine when it begins. That may turn out to be tedious and at risk of error. 

Or it is advisable use VLOOKUP

  1. Input the headings Paintings Order and Paintings Date someplace at the worksheet.
  1. Make a choice the cellular to the suitable of Paintings Date and get started coming into the method =VLOOKUP. A assist field will pop up as we kind, appearing us to be had Google Sheet purposes that fit what we’re typing. When it displays VLOOKUP, press Input, and it’s going to whole the typing.
  1. To set the place VLOOKUP will in finding the Seek Key, click on at the cellular correct above this.
  1. To make a choice the Vary of knowledge to go looking in, click on and dangle at the A column header and drag to choose the whole thing over to, together with column H
  1. To make a choice the Index, or column, that we wish to pull knowledge from, depend from A to H. H is the seventh column so input 7 within the method.
  1. Now we state how we would like the primary column of the variability to be searched. We want an actual fit so input FALSE

Understand that it needs to position a gap curved bracket after FALSE. Press backspace to take away that. 

Then input a curved remaining bracket ), and press Input to complete the method.

We’ll see an error message. That’s good enough; we did issues appropriately. The problem is that we don’t have a seek key price but.

To check the VLOOKUP method, input the primary paintings order quantity within the cellular above the method and press Input. The date returned fits the date within the WorkDate column for paintings order A00100.


To peer how this makes existence more uncomplicated, input a piece order quantity that isn’t visual at the display, like A00231.

Examine the date returned and the date within the row for A00231, and so they will have to fit. In the event that they do, the method is excellent.

Instance 2: The usage of VLOOKUP to Calculate Day-to-day Energy

The Paintings Order instance is excellent however easy. Let’s see the true energy of VLOOKUP in Google Sheets by means of making a day by day calorie calculator. We’ll put the information in one worksheet and make the calorie calculator in some other.

  1. Make a choice all of the knowledge at the meals and calorie record. 
  1. Make a choice Knowledge > Named Levels.
  1. Identify the variability FoodRange. Named levels are more uncomplicated to bear in mind than Sheet2!A1:B:29, which is the true definition of the variability.
  1. Return to the worksheet the place meals is tracked. Within the first cellular through which we would like energy to turn, shall we input the method =VLOOKUP(A3,FoodRange,2,False).

It might paintings, however as a result of there’s not anything in A3, there can be an unpleasant #REF error. This calculator would possibly have many Meals cells left clean and we don’t wish to see #REF everywhere it.

  1. Let’s put the VLOOKUP method within an IFERROR serve as. IFERROR tells Sheets that if the rest is going flawed with the method, go back a clean.
  1. To replicate the method down the column, choose the maintain on the bottom-right nook of the cellular and drag it down over as many cells as wanted.

In the event you suppose that the method will use A3 as the important thing down the column, don’t fear. Sheets will alter the method to make use of the important thing within the row that the method is in. For instance, within the symbol beneath, you’ll be able to see that the important thing modified to A4 when moved to the 4th row. Formulation will robotically exchange cellular references like this when moved from column to column, too.

  1. So as to add up all of the energy in an afternoon, use the =SUM serve as within the clean cellular subsequent to Overall, and choose all of the rows of energy above it.

Now we will be able to see what number of energy we had as of late.

  1. Make a choice the column of energy from Monday and paste it to the Energy column for Tuesday, Wednesday, and so forth. 

Do the similar for the Overall cellular beneath Monday. So now we have now a weekly calorie counter.


Summing Up VLOOKUP

If that is your first dive into Google Sheets and purposes, you’ll be able to see how helpful and robust purposes like VLOOKUP may also be. Combining it with different purposes like IFERROR, or such a lot of others, will allow you to do no matter you want. In the event you loved this, it’s possible you’ll even believe changing from Excel to Google Sheets.