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i am connected to a work or school account even though it doesn’t show up in the settings…

Lumia 620 doesn`t connect to computer via usb cable

Hi yall and thanks for the replies!

Unfortunately, the were of no help.

The phone isn`t listed in device manager, the list of devices doesn`t change if I have my phone connected to my computer(s). There are no mystery devices, no yellow triangle -markings or anything even remotely pointing to the direction the phone being connected.

It could be that my phone has a broken usb port, but it makes me wonder that it still charges the battery when connected to a computer.

This is not a big problem for me, that I must admit, but still, it kinda bugs me that the phone doesn`t work the way it`s supposed to work,

Anyways, if somebody comes up with something that might help, I am most grateful.

Have a great weekend yall!

edit: Also, I have my laptop almost always connected to charger. Tried without charger just for the heck of it, didn`t help.