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I have a problem with Windows multiple versions uninstalling the Acronis backup program….

automatic Windows 10 and Acronis Backup version


We got an offer from Acronis tru AVG which expires the 9th of july 2022, so I contacted them to ask them if this upgrade supports Windows 10, due to the fact that Windows 10 like their previous Windows 8.1 and 8.0 DOES NOT have a proper backup programme,
you can only back up your data with FILEHISTORY, period.

If you want a complete backup and restore your windows you’ll need a programme like Acronis.

I contacted them tru CHAT and the conclusion was:

  • the upgrade they offering was a beta version
  • and they wait for Windows 10 becomes officially
  • they advise me to wait till Acronis had a complete version
  • and then upgrade to Windows 10

So you probably understand in which dilemma I am in,

If the Automatic Upgrade to Windows 10 is before Acronis Backup is ready, I can not Backup Windows 10 at all

I like to know what advise Microsoft will give in this situation

Thank you