Inexplicably, each so regularly I right here the Home windows “notify” sound

Sure I pay attention that oh-so-familiar ubiquitous sound each every now and then however I will be able to’t for the lifetime of me determine what it signifies. I pay attention it when not anything particular or noticeable or obvious is happening! … no new electronic mail arrival, no push notification (except it’s simply tried, as I’ve maximum of them blocked), simply simple not anything this is obvious. So I navigated my approach to the previous tried-and-true “Sound Keep an eye on Panel” to look what occurrences cause that specific ding-dong chime. However the panel used to be I assume malfunctioning as a result of after I decided on a couple of most probably candidate triggers and clicked at the “Check” button which is there to play the related sound for the person, I am getting not anything, no output in any respect. There are NO OTHER apps operating similtaneously that may have commandeered the audio system, I made positive. In fact there are dozens of “processes” operating similtaneously however I will be able to’t lend a hand that and even kind via them. I’m somewhat pissed off. Any concepts? Thank you.