In this fast-paced world, it always helps to have shortcuts to your favorite functions. This goes especially for repetitive tasks like opening apps. This is where lock screen shortcuts come in. According to a new report, Instagram could be prepping a new lock screen shortcut for the Samsung Galaxy S24 phones.

This news came from a popular app reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, who’s a reliable source. Still, you’ll want to take this news with a pinch of salt. We’re talking about leaked information. Instagram could make changes or completely take this away for all we know. Just know that anything could happen.

Instagram could be working on a lock screen shortcut for the Galaxy S24

Lock screen shortcuts are sometimes the quickest way to perform your favorite tasks on your phone. Instead of unlocking your phone and diving into the interface, you can jump right to the app or function you’re after. Samsung has long allowed to to add app shortcuts to your lock screen.

At the moment, you can already set a lock screen shortcut to access the Instagram app. However, if you want to jump right to the Instagram Camera and capture the moment at a moment’s notice, you might be able to if you pick up the Galaxy S24. We have a leaked screenshot showing the splash screen for this feature.

In the screenshot, we see the text “Access the Instagram Camera from your lock screen. Samsung Galaxy S24 users can now turn on a shortcut to Instagram Camera in settings.” Under that, we see the Try it button. The code for this feature might already be in the Instagram app, and it’s just waiting to be activated. We’re not sure at this moment.

This could be a standout feature in the Galaxy S24 Galaxy Unpacked event. Samsung could be planning on holding it earlier in the year compared to this year, so there might not be too much more time to wait.

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