Internet Certificates does now not paintings

(*3*)(*2*)Hi, I want assist troubleshooting a distinct connection(*5*)with an establishment.(*4*)(*5*)It’s not that i am a internet knowledgeable. I want to set up internet certificate(*4*)(*5*)to get right of entry to a particular site for an establishment. I’ve(*4*)(*5*)learn 3 in their manuals for the way to do that, however I’ve(*4*)(*5*)been unsuccessful. I’ve contacted their fortify, however there(*4*)(*5*)was once no fortify.(*4*)(*5*)They gave me a distinct application to request and(*4*)(*5*)set up the internet certificate onto more than a few puts onto my pc.(*4*)(*5*)They are saying I should be the usage of very, very previous browsers for this to(*4*)(*5*)paintings. I wouldn’t have the model precise numbers in entrance of me now, so those(*4*)(*5*)are estimates of what they stated: Web Explorer (no model(*4*)(*5*)indexed), Firefox 40, Chrome 40. In the similar segment,(*4*)(*5*)it additionally discussed Java in the case of those certificate,(*4*)(*5*)but it surely didn’t give virtually any element as to what that supposed.(*4*)(*5*)I do know what Java is, but it surely does now not specify whether it is pronouncing(*4*)(*5*)that I should use Java, or I should now not use Java, or I should use a browser with Java allowed,(*4*)(*5*)or that I should have a undeniable model of Java. It simply says “Java”,(*4*)(*5*)with virtually no clarification.(*4*)(*5*)It says I would possibly retailer the certificate “On my Laptop”, or in “Firefox/Thunderbird”,(*4*)(*5*)or in “Java”, there was once a 4th location, however I forgot what it was once now. I attempted all 4 places.(*4*)(*5*)2 the certificate that It asks me to download fail to(*4*)(*5*)download. The directions say that is good enough, however it’s ordinary.(*4*)(*5*)I’ve attempted many troubleshooting steps. I’ve tried(*4*)(*5*)to uninstall the certificate, however there was once no proof that(*4*)(*5*)it labored or in fact carried out any actual motion. I reinstalled(*4*)(*5*)the application a number of occasions. I attempted 5 other browsers, the entire(*4*)(*5*)present variations regardless that, I may now not to find an OFFICIAL supply for(*4*)(*5*)very very previous model of the ones browsers, and I will be able to now not download(*4*)(*5*)a host of programs from websites I don’t agree with, so do not inquire from me to(*4*)(*5*)do this.(*4*)(*5*)It doesn’t matter what troubleshooting steps that I took, or what settings(*4*)(*5*)that I attempted, after I went to any essential portions in their site,(*4*)(*5*)it stated I may now not input. I’m the usage of a Home windows 10 House.(*4*)(*5*)It’s not that i am a internet knowledgeable, what explicit troubleshooting steps will have to I take(*4*)(*5*)to find what might be the issue? Thank you everyone.(*4*)