The iPhone 16 Pro Max, which Apple is expected to launch next year, will have a bigger display than the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Samsung will announce its ‘Ultra’ phone in Q1 next year, it seems, while Apple’s will arrive towards the end of Q3 2024.

The iPhone 16 Pro Max will have a bigger display than the Galaxy S24 Ultra

In any case, this display info comes from two sources, Anthony and Ice Universe, two tipsters. Anthony mentioned that the iPhone 16 Pro Max will have a 6.86-inch display, while he also added that it will be the biggest on an iPhone yet, and even bigger than the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s.

Ice Universe reshared that post on X, and added the exact display size of the Galaxy S24 Ultra. He said that the exact size is 6.7913385827 inches. Samsung will market this as a 6.8-inch display, though.

The difference in size between these two panels is, of course, not that big. Both are kind of huge, so you’ll have a gigantic canvas to work with no matter what device you end up getting.

Both devices will include flat displays

For the first time in a long time, both Apple and Samsung flagship smartphones will also have flat displays. Samsung is going flat this time around. All three of its flagship-grade phones will have flat displays, even the ‘Ultra’.

Speaking of which, the Galaxy S24 Ultra will launch alongside the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+. All three of those devices are expected to arrive in January next year. January 17 is tipped, and the launch event is expected to take place in San Francisco.

Designs of all three phones already surfaced. As expected, the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ will look the same, but differ in terms of size. The ‘Ultra’ model will once again stand apart, with a different design. It will be less different than before, though, mainly due to the flat display.

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