“iRobot” tandem: as the home clears, one of the pricey robot couple?

Americans in an instant will also be recommended for the reality that they have got very obviously realised that there’s no such factor as a common surface cleansing robotic able to and the standard of the pump, and the standard of the wash surface. On the gorgeous want to provide “inexpensive and siurbiančius, and plaunančius” robots already sorely pasimovė new chinese language pump-robotic marketplace leaders “Xiaomi” – despite the fact that their “Roborock S6 sucks and after the home encountering nearly flawlessly, however one quickly to take a look at on the identical pump once more and the ground washed is enough to perceive: junk mail it, moderately than an invaluable function.

Thus, the take a look at duration at house seemed within the all american couple – siurbiantis flagship “Roomba s9”, price about 1500 euros, and his helper, washing the “Braava Jet M6” for round 700 euros. Full tandem value from the already discussed “Roborock” other even 6 instances. And as talents?


Perhaps the žavingiausia new “Roomba” pump function of the parking column, which isn’t just a charger, however the rubbish tank, which sutraukiama the whole lot assembles pump. This signifies that the pump won’t have to scrub prior to each suction. Even each week to scrub it may not.

Theoretically, if the house isn’t ilgaplaukių puppy (or if folks lengthy hair day by day nenukloja surface) which means the attention at the pump shaft cleanliness will wish to stay an perhaps as soon as a month. With extra hair quantity of scenario perhaps no longer as upbeat, however nonetheless one of the excellent “Roomba” pump function is the shafts from which hair wipe away – one of enjoyment, as a result of on them there aren’t any aspect rings, which to hinder. While the rubbish number of the column is extra same old pumps standard trash bag, which, relying at the house coming up from the perspective of amount, will have to get replaced each 2-4 months. Thus, working this robotic’s care is superbly relaxed and worries reduces to a minimal. For the similar explanation why, even nekreipiau consideration to the quite small pump within the tank and its išpurtymo annoyance. It’s simply no longer vital.

Luko Balandžio / 15min nuotr./Robotas dulkių siurblys „iRobot“

Luke April / 15min image./Robot vacuum cleaner “iRobot”

Quite every other topic is plaunančioji “Braava”. This pump is roughly puslitrio capability water reservoir and replaceable cloths. And that during itself creates sure upkeep necessities. First – the tank will wish to complement day by day. Well, no less than each different day (after all, relying on blank dimension of room, however speaking in regards to the standard 3-bedroom condo). Second – if after washing you allow nekeistą, neišplautą and neišdžiovintą fabric, the humidity and the heat of the home will create the very best stipulations smirdinčios mazgotės for start.

Unfortunately, such is tingios classes realized. But it isn’t any manufacturing or pump design flaw – it is simply inevitable, if the pads adjust. With any producer’s pump. Therefore, the “Braavos” must bend down on a daily basis. Rescues the truth that after this pump is a plastic substrate, which prevents supūdyti the picket surface even and the utmost idlers susmardintai mazgotei. And the truth that this gadget’s same old package deal is reasonably easy disposable and reusable fabric shares – through the way in which, relying at the skirt clip and the pump itself might be regulated through išpurškiamo the quantity of water, what’s reasonably gudru.

Luko Balandžio / 15min nuotr./Robotas dulkių siurblys „iRobot“

Luke April / 15min image./Robot vacuum cleaner “iRobot”


And with each pumps in tandem will have to, in principle, be acquired very neprastas end result: the pump qualitatively accumulate mud and different patrons understand dried fodder the dust, after which plovėjas passes via the similar surface and washes away all adhering dust, micro organism and different for the family cleanliness of different issues. A key phrase within the earlier sentence – in principle.

Both pump keep watch over app supplies an excessively a laugh probabilities: it may specify that plovėjas to paintings išvažiuotų in an instant after siurbėjas your process completes. In principle works, in follow, confronted with a peculiar scenario, when after managed order to paintings alternately within the noticed, when each pumps from their stations off and paintings begins on the identical time. Chaos and balaganas, which itself created when the paintings agenda of either one of the gadgets I’ve to begin paintings at 11:00 within the morning, whilst on the identical time of cleansing mode, I mentioned that the “scrubbing get started after dry. I feel right here the producer will have already put your thoughts and “Braava” agenda in keeping with the required operating time is observed as a decrease precedence than the instruction to “surface washed after suction”.

Luko Balandžio / 15min nuotr./Robotas dulkių siurblys „iRobot“

Luke April / 15min image./Robot vacuum cleaner “iRobot”

It will have to be discussed and “intelligence” serve as: within the first days after the brand new digital puppy placement them to places going apsiuostymas at house – “Roomba” for the pump will also be handiest taking a look round to scan the surroundings, assess what, the place and the way at house out the.

According to the information accumulated shaped the house of the map, the place the similar app is in a position to establish the places the place the from the room giving get admission to to the hall or the place starts the tub. And so it’s conceivable, as an example, being at paintings and patapšnojus the telephone remotely to scrub the ground handiest web page. And additionally it is conceivable to exclude “purple”, nevalomas zones – the place are the wires šabakštynas, the place there’s a possibility of choking laces, the place at the surface surinkinėjama puzzle recreation or the like. In a phrase, theoretical navigation in addition to verification of identical to the easiest rankings.


But with the primary drawback happens when the navigation turns into not theoretical, and sensible. Neskaičiuosiu the ones of his negligence error was once to depart the unfastened shoelaces or the cats toys that experience transform neįveikiamais trapping the pump – it’s already on the pump, and a bunch of parenting errors. But it’s obscure such issues, when the pump is located on the pit prevent in complete open box, with no longer not up to a number of tens of centimeters of the liberty of motion in any route.

Such a scenario inside two weeks there have been two instances. Perhaps those woes will have to be “written off” because of the loss of intensity of wiped clean space of the map of absorption? It is hard to mention and to find each strigimų commonplace denominator. Any pump will also be recommended for the truth that he is beautiful assured over about 2 inches to the peak of the stumbling blocks left at the surface. Can pasisukioti at the spot, awkwardly pasitampyti, however the stumbling blocks to overcomes.

Luko Balandžio / 15min nuotr./Robotas dulkių siurblys „iRobot“

Luke April / 15min image./Robot vacuum cleaner “iRobot”

As a ways as liūdniau is with “Braava”. The producer’s consultant indicated that he overcomes no longer upper than 5 millimeters within the top of the stumbling blocks. And it’s already reasonably embarrassing. If one room from the opposite appointed through the neaukšti trims, do not be shocked if the rainy surface washing and might be cleansing between slenkstukų within the zone the place is located the pump. And it’s already reasonably tough to tolerated lack.

Cleaning high quality

By a ways probably the most over the life of the sužibėjusi those robotizuotų cleansing belongings of the cleansing high quality. It would appear, the flooring blank, however the pump in some way manages to assemble reasonably a considerable amount of mud and hair. As if that mud could be created in the similar pump inside of with the intention to go away a excellent influence to the consumer.

Of route, it isn’t, subsequently, the influence stays truly excellent. By the way in which, at the take-off is activated the greater energy of the pumping mode – almost definitely this was once the supply of the rubbish, which discovered neither everlasting “Xiaomi Roborock”, than the hand pump every now and then išvalanti cleaner (sure, it should be recognised that with out human help condo high quality neišvalys no robotic).

Luko Balandžio / 15min nuotr./Robotas dulkių siurblys „iRobot“

Luke April / 15min image./Robot vacuum cleaner “iRobot”

Identical scenario is with the bathing robotic. First, it will have to be famous that its theory of operation is but unseen – he water išpurškia no longer after vanity, and in entrance of him. Runs completely visual and a truly excellent rating. And then himself leaving a substantial rainy šliūžę.

For me it’s related to a top quality floor-laundering – when negailima of water and a few washing flooring for a while to come back rainy. But the most powerful high quality wash evidence is within the skirt colour after washing and that is what succeeds from cloths washed pakišus it underneath the water faucet. Fantastic! “Braava” even within the model cleansing that kitchen surface washes (or no less than they will have to wash day by day, confirmed, the right way to paintings, – the skirt is already reasonably speedy modified the colour from white to seriously apsiniaukusią.

And if the “same old” cleansing the standard of the consumer don’t seem to be happy with – or cleans the neatly, or the water isn’t sufficient in line with surface washing consultation – will also be very simply alter the operating mode within the app. You need each robots at the identical territory is subjected to a double? Please. Need a extra intense suction? No drawback. Floors so glossy, subsequently just a formal remedy? Also it’s simple. You make it sooner, than you insert your image within the instagramą.


Both of those robots atgabenę “iRobot” representatives jokingly stated that that is robotic-pump marketplace “aifonai”. And this was once no longer a comic story. Engineers if truth be told idea just about the whole lot. Missing handiest higher “Braava” game software.

But if measured no longer handiest in those pumps, however the context – robots-pumps marketplace scenario – it turns into reasonably tough to justify the fee. Yes, the competition have weaknesses, however the ones weaknesses don’t seem to be very important, or so tough to tolerated, to make it simple to justify nearly 2000 euros distinction in value.

On the opposite hand, individuals who require the similar of the best quality and cleanliness requirements, and will have enough money to near his eyes in opposition to the fee, it’s exhausting to counsel a greater day by day house care crew. Well, until an actual, are living, senamadišką valytoją.