Is there an actual way to fix disk usage stuck at 50%?

How do I repair a sluggish PC with 50% disk utilization however 100% at the primary HDD?

Hello. i have observed a couple of posts at the 100% disk factor and attempted the entire prior to now urged movements (disabling seek, superfetch and so forth and all that). I had no ‘sluggish’ disk problems in any respect as MS updates appear to have rectified the placement within the Spring of 2022 for us. On the other hand, since a September Home windows 10 replace, we’re sluggish as well up and slow-running once more. After I get admission to the duty supervisor, processes tab, I see disk utilization at 50% reasonably than the former 100% give-away…

But if I have a look at the Efficiency tab, Disk 0 C: (the primary exhausting pressure of my system) is working at 100% just about the entire time…

Does somebody have any ideas on the right way to repair this factor please a the overall working velocity and particularly the boot up velocity has deteriorated considerably. And prematurely, I am thankful for all ideas however please do not recommend purchasing an SSD as I am searching for some way of undoing no matter issues MS has brought about once more reasonably than having to pay a number of hundred Euros to mend faults they brought about. *Smile


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