Kraven the Hunter has been casted!



Kraven the Hunter is having his personal solo movie and has discovered its titular villain.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson has been showed by way of IGN that Sony solid him as Kraven the Hunter within the upcoming Spider-Guy by-product movie which is about to unlock on January 2023.

You could know Taylor-Johnson in different motion pictures however his notable ones are Kickass within the movie Kickass and its sequel. He additionally made his debut within the MCU as Pietro Maximoff, the dual of Wanda Maximoff, in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

This time, Taylor-Johnson will take at the hairy mantel of Spidey’s oldest villains who’s a talented hunter. That is one of the numerous Spider-Guy by-product films, like Venom 2 and Morbius, which Sony has up to now introduced in increasing their Spidey Cinematic Universe, but even so their mainline Spider-Guy tales equivalent to Spider-Guy: Into the Spiderverse 2 and Spider-Guy: No Means House.

Kraven the Hunter shall be directed by way of J.C. Chandor (A Maximum Violent Yr) and is eyeing for a January 13, 2023 unlock.