Computer does no longer sleep when idle

(*6*)My lenovo 910 yoga pc does no longer sleep when idle. I set each display screen to show off and laptop to fall asleep after 5 mins of idle time.
The display screen turns off however the pc does no longer input sleep mode.

Looks as if this audio circulate could be combating it from going to sleep-
powercfg -requests
SYSTEM: (*3*)*5*)(*10*) (*1*)*5*)(*10*)
[DRIVER] Realtek Prime Definition Audio(SST) (INTELAUDIOFUNC_01&VEN_10EC&DEV_0299&SUBSYS_17AA3801&REV_10004&13ab7ca7&0&0001)
An audio circulate is these days in use.

I attempted powercfg -requestsoverride for this driving force the usage of title and identity as prompt on the internet however that didn’t lend a hand.
I additionally reset my home windows 10. This audio circulate remains to be there on contemporary set up. I should not have any equipment hooked up to the pc.
winver : model 1809 OS Construct: 17763.379
Realtek driving force 3/31/2021

What else can I test/trade to get this operating.