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Laser Cutter: Scanning Offset Adjustment

Start with the constant-power test pattern:

Pulse Timing Pattern – 1 mm blocks

Set it up on six LightBurn layers:

LightBurn test pattern layers – layout

With useful scanning speeds and powers:

LightBurn test pattern layers

Unleash the laser on a scrap of fluorescent green acrylic:

Scan Offset uncorrected – 100 to 500 mm-s

Measure the distance between successive line ends at each speed, divide by two, then fill in the offset adjustment table:

LightBurn Scanning Offset table

Burn another scrap:

Scan Offset – 100 to 500 mm-s

That looks better …

Not incidentally, it also provides illustrations for an upcoming Digital Machinist column about small-scale engraving-as-machining and why good scanning compensation matters.