Lathe-straightened Copper Wire

I previously straightened the copper twine into “bus bars” for the astable multivibrators by means of whacking it with a slide hammer, however somebody whose identify is misplaced within the mists of time informed me how to do it:

Lathe-straightening Wire - setup
Lathe-straightening Wire – setup

Yup, clutch a work of twine at each results in Tiny Lathe and provides it a couple of low-speed turns whilst pulling firmly at the tailstock.

No muss, no fuss, no drama, simply bar-straight and reasonably work-hardened copper wires:

Lathe-straightening Wire - results
Lathe-straightening Wire – effects

I slide-hammered the highest twine prior to remembering the clue. The backside two wires have peppermint-stick swirls.

Thank you, whoever you had been!