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Links shortcuts on task bar opening .lnk instead of the file directly.

Windows 10 lost my pinned OneDrive file links on the task bar

First, my files are not missing, I simply cannot access them the same way I did with Windows 8 and 8.1

Correct behavior from Windows 8.1:

1) Open Windows Explorer

2) Find and open Notepad file “Notes.txt” located in a OneDrive folder

3) Notepad is pinned to the task bar

4) Right-click on Notepad icon in task bar

5) List of recent files appears, including files recently opened on OneDrive

6) Right-click on “Notes.txt”, left-click on Pin To This List

7) “Notes.txt” is now quickly accessible from the list of files in the Notepad list on the task bar

Under Windows 10, step 5 is broken. Files located on OneDrive never appear in the list of recent items for a pinned application on the task bar. This behavior is duplicated on the Start Menu Jump List.

Under Windows 8.1, I had many pinned documents connected to applications on my task bar. As soon as Windows 10 booted the first time, these links disappeared. Links to documents on the desktop or in my local Documents folder, remained linked to task bar

Has anyone else seen this behavior, or is it just my computer?