Logitech MX Grasp 3 assessment: A productiveness dream

Logitech mice are recognized for ergonomics and useful productivity-focused options, and that culminates within the MX Grasp 3.


At $100, the Logitech MX Grasp 3 contains Logitech’s signature options such because the free-scrolling wheel and horizontal scroll wheel, along with more than one different buttons.

Logitech MX Grasp 3: What you must know

The MX Grasp 3 is a high-end, ergonomics-focused mouse fascinated about productiveness use.


The MX Grasp 3 is a follow-up to the preferred MX Grasp 2S, which had a an identical design and have set. Logitech has followed USB-C charging on this technology and retained the short price tech from the MX Grasp 2S, promoting 70 days of battery from a complete price and three hours of use from a minute of price.