Misplaced Worlds: Quick Tales via Adam Roberts

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Misplaced Worlds: Quick Tales via Adam Roberts
English | 2021 | Sci-Fi & Myth | ePUB | 8.8 MB

New Authors and collections. Following the good good fortune of our Gothic Myth, deluxe version brief tale compilations, Ghosts, Horror, Science Fiction, Homicide Mayhem and Crime & Thriller this newest identify is filled with darkish valleys, top mountain passes, dinosaurs and unending darkish creations. Incorporates a marvelous mixture of vintage and emblem new writing, with authors from america, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Vintage.

An Echo of Gondwana via Mike Adamson
Tears of the Gods via Sarah L. Byrne
The Temple of the Cat via Thomas Canfield
The Misplaced Global via Arthur Conan Doyle
Wolf Brother’s Track via Ronald D. Ferguson
Baryonyx Crossing via Kevin M. Folliard
Herland via Charlotte Perkins Gilman
King Solomon’s Mines via H. Rider Haggard
The Shell-Spire via Sara M. Harvey
The Misplaced Race via Robert E. Howard
The Guy Who Would Be King via Rudyard Kipling
On the Mountains of Insanity via H.P. Lovecraft
In Ice Entombed via Ok.G. McAbee
The Face within the Abyss via A. Merritt
A Abnormal Manuscript Present in a Copper Cylinder via James De Mille
The Diamond Lens via Fitz-James O’Brien
The Topic Relating to Mr. Symmes and the Hole Global via Michael Penncavage
Quick Straw via Rebecca Schwarz
The Highway to Cathacara via James C. Simpson
A Map of Illusions via David Sklar
Gulliver’s Travels via Jonathan Swift
Adlivun (The Underneath) via Rachel Verkade
Adventure to the Centre of the Earth via Jules Verne
The Girl of the Misplaced Valley via John Walters
Within the Abyss via H.G. Wells
The Nation of the Blind via H.G. Wells

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