(*5*) How to take away Mozilla Firefox browser ?

The easy take away of `firefox` the usage of what @monkeybrain20122 works.

I simply booted a Lubuntu 20.04 day-to-day (what’s going to be 20.04.3 on launch) to substantiate.

Lubuntu has to offer a browser that meets the necessities of LXQt, which is absolute best the usage of `firefox` so we use that (https://applications.ubuntu.com/focal/lubuntu-desktop) as it is from ‘major’ thus is protected with 5 years of reinforce we do not wish to concern about. (*2*)


You can in finding hyperlinks can not be opened although for your machine (as `firefox` treated the ones), although choices can be utilized (see (*1*)https://guide.lubuntu.me/lts/3/3.2/…hlight=browser)

In my opinion I would go for holding `firefox` and discovering your factor (it should not take that lengthy; that is a symptom of an issue which I would discover prior to it bites you in other places) and simply exchange default to one thing else (see my remaining choices hyperlink).

(there’s a package deal that lists three browsers which are required; one being `firefox` – the browser must be in Ubuntu repositories, however I will’t in finding the guideline that I am on the lookout for which is why I would depart firefox put in – you could uncover it come release-upgrade time although as I do not see it in focal)