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M2 Mac mini Performs Nearly Twice As Fast As A $6,000 Mac Pro In Single-Core Tests, And Costs Less Than One-Tenth Of The Price

It is remarkable what a performance and pricing difference four years can make. Apple’s $5,999 Mac Pro, which the company continues to sell, is slower and significantly more expensive than the latest M2 Mac mini. Remember that Apple’s compact personal computer costs only $599 for the base model, making it less than one-tenth of the price of the Intel-powered workstation.

M2 Mac mini comfortably beats the Intel-based Mac Pro in multi-core results

On Twitter, GregsGadgets posted two Geekbench 5 results, showing the single-core and multi-core numbers belonging to the M2 Mac mini and the Intel-based Mac Pro. To his surprise, and to ours as well, the Mac mini not only obtains almost twice the performance in the single-core test, but it easily beats the workstation in the multi-core run too. We have provided the results for you below.

  • M2 Mac mini – 1,944 in single-core, 8,790 in multi-core
  • 2022 Intel Mac Pro – 1,019 in single-core, 8,037 in multi-core

These results pretty much mean that customers or creative professionals who want improved single-core and multi-core performance will no longer require an expensive Mac Pro to do the job for them. However, just because the M2 Mac mini trumps the Mac Pro in Geekbench 5 does not mean that it will win in every benchmark or task thrown in its path. Unfortunately, apart from Geekbench 5, GregsGadgets has not posted any other result, so this is all that we have to go with right now.

See how fast Apple’s latest M2 Mac mini is when paired against the 2022 Intel Mac Pro

The only drawback to owning an M2 Mac mini is that whatever configuration you purchase now, you will have to stick with it because the RAM, storage, and SoC come soldered to the logic board, which is the exact opposite on the Mac Pro. However, even if you add higher RAM and storage options, an upgraded Mac mini will still be cheaper than Apple’s current workstation, which is why it is aiming to replace it quickly with a version that will supposedly tout the M2 Ultra, directly succeeding the M1 Ultra found in the Mac Studio.

See how fast Apple’s latest M2 Mac mini is when paired against the 2022 Intel Mac Pro

This massive difference in pricing and performance could also be why Apple is charging customers a measly amount if they trade in their Mac Pro. Previously, we reported that the technology giant’s trade-in value for a $52,000 Mac Pro came out to be a shockingly low $970, which is less than the price of a 128GB iPhone 14 Pro. For those planning to upgrade, even if you get an insanely good deal on the Mac Pro, we strongly recommend going for the latest Mac mini instead.

News Source: GregsGadgets

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