Mage King by Timothy Ellis


Mage King through Timothy Ellis (Imperium Galactic Guide 1)
English | 2022 |Delusion| ePUB | 6.7 MB


No-one ready Haynes to be a king.
The former king dedicated treason in opposition to the Imperium.
Just a mage who works for a better being can also be depended on through the Imperium leaders to be king.
And most effective Haynes is one of these individual from his planet.
However is everybody pleased with the trade in energy?
Haynes has Imperium duties to hold out, and mages to coach.
However what of those that by no means sought after to enroll in the Imperium within the first position?
The days are converting for Haynes’ international, however which method will the adjustments pass?
Haynes has most effective one choice.
He should be the Mage King.